Sunday, 18 April 2010

Uglyworld #458 - Feeling The Heat (108-365)

Project 365 - 108/365

Target came along with me today for a run in the car and was amazed at just how warm it's getting, he kept pointing out every 0.5oC change in temperature that the car displayed.

Secretly I know he was hoping that it would jump from 19.5oC to 20oC, but it decided that 19.5oC was it's limit at that time.

While I jumped into a shop to grab some bits and pieces he decided to hop out of the car and stand in the sunlight, which he said was "Good for his skin and hair". As he's the only Ugly with hair I have to assume he's telling me the truth, as I've no others to confirm this fact with.

He also told me once I was back in the car that it's only a matter of time until his socks come off (which is the secret Ugly signal for summer officially starting), looks like some fun times ahead!

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