Monday, 19 April 2010

Uglyworld #460 - Jeero on Nightshift

Tonight I have to work nightshift and with Mireille so busy looking after Ice-Bat's recovery (along with the ever helpful Babo) I said I'd take a little of the pressure off her by bringing one of the little guys to work with me.

As soon as Jeero heard me talking about it he was already standing at our feet jumping up and down shouting, "pick me, pick me" over and over again. What could I do? I had to say yes to him, as he explained the reason for him being the best possible person to take with me,"I had a cool as hell hoodie, which when the night gets cold it will keep me warm, and when I gets tired I can uses it as a sleeping bag too!".

He was correct on all points, so here's the little guy nearly an hour after arriving at work - he says it's awesome to be able to see the things he hears me talk to Mireille that I've been building and working on every day - but I did have to make him sign an official "top secret" document that he couldn't talk about anything he see's here.

The reason I know he won't break the rules is simple - it states that he will never get another cookie again if he does - that's a definite way to keep an Uglies mouth watertight.

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