Monday, 19 April 2010

Uglyworld #461 - Uglyworld Darts Tournament (110-365)

Project 365 - Image 110/365

It turns out that tonight was not only important in the world of Uglies for Jeero coming to work with me, but elsewhere in the small hours of the morning one of the regional heats of "Ugly Dart 2010" was being held. Why were they holding such an event in the wee hours, I've no idea, you had better ask an Ugly if you REALLY want to know.

From what I could understand (via Jeero's translation of the online feed he was watching) this was a best of 7 final showdown for the ultimate title of Darto-supremo of Uglyworld, and it featured Bearbrick Wage against Wanda Dunny.

Jeero explained that Wage was playing with his favoured "blue-goblin" darts whereas Wanda preferred to go with the original authentic "red herring" darts which her grandfather passed down to her father and so on.

Wage was up 3 games to zip, and Wanda was looking like it was going to be over by the time Wage threw his next 3 or so darts, will Wage win....only time will tell...

(At least it's managing to keep Jeero awake as we're now at 2.30am and he hasn't shown any signs of dozing off yet).

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