Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Uglyworld #487 - Peaco In Her Natural Habitat

It's all too easy to capture shots of the visitors from Uglyworld enjoying life here on planet earth, but every so often when you remain out of sight and patient enough you can really capture the true essence of what it is to be an Uglydoll.

Take this evening for instance...I arrive home from a hard days work and after doing a quick headcount I notice that Peaco is missing from the massive crowd sitting on the couch playing Call of Duty on the Xbox360 (Wage was playing online and the rest were shouting out info on where they could see other people hiding).

I checked upstairs, but no sign of Peaco, so my attention then turned to the garden where I could see a blur of pink whizzing from one side of the garden to the other, over and over again. I grabbed my camera and quietly went out into the garden from the side door to prevent her hearing me, and slowly lay down and slithered my way in an all too Call-of-Duty-esque fashion across the grass to get a perfect vantage point to shoot from.

Normally you can see the little guys smiling, laughing, joking as they play either by themselves or with other uglies, but just look at all that extra joy on Peaco's face - that's exactly what I set out to capture every single day, it just so happens that most days they hear me coming or get up to something so damn stupid that it ends up being my picture for that particular day.

Today is Peaco's day, and I'm sure she'll love this shot to bits when she finally comes inside for dinner, as Babo is already ammassing the whole gang behind me here to many "oooh's" and "aaah's".

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