Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Uglyworld #488 - Dog Handling School (125-365)

Project 365 - Image 125/365

Babo has been doing his upmost to keep his dog, Ralf, under control since his arrival last week here in Aachen. Unlike Wage's dog Rolf (Ralf's brother), Ralf is extremely playful to the point where you could better describe him as being rather boystrous!

Bossy Bear was asked to give some input into Ralf's training class today in the back garden. Now I know what you're thinking, why would Bossy even consider getting involved in such an activity, the answer is simple - all he had to do was be himself and shout "MINE!" when Babo signalled to him.

Babo would stand with Ralf by his side (at first this was only possible by feeding him with small cookie crumbs, but eventually he would stay there without need for food), and then he would signal to Bossy with his left hand to shout, upon which Bossy would scream "MINE!" at the top of his voice.

As you can imagine the noise coming from the little blue guy was tempting enough, and that shiny crown on his head meant even more temptation for Ralf, who would repeatedly run to Bossy upon every shout.

Babo's persistent though and with the lightest of touched on Ralf's ear he found that the little guy would stay put and not run, "Ralf's progress is going well" he informed me this evening as we ate dinner. Ralf scoffed his dinner within seconds and is already back out in the garden running about like crazy chasing butterflies and birds.

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