Friday, 7 May 2010

Uglyworld #490 - POEtry From A Friendly Face (127-365)

Project 365 - Image 127/365

Woohooo, it's finally Friday afternoon - work is finished for the week and all that remains is a quick sleep before the long trip overnight to Glasgow by car.

Poe decided that it would be easier for me to fall asleep if he was to read me some of his favourite poems such as "To Be Ugly or Not To Be" and "There's Cookies On The Starboard Bow" by the famous author from Uglyworld, Sir Reginald the Ugly.

Here's a few quick lines from the poems mentioned above:-

"To be ugly or not to be ugly, that is the question
If the cookie's in your belly, it's time for digestion
Where to look next, for that next elusive batch
Anywhere, everywhere, just find them and snatch!!!"

"There's cookies on the starboard bow
Starboard bow, starboard bow
There's cookies on the starboard bow
So someone save them now..."

It worked, time for my sleep...

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