Sunday, 16 May 2010

Uglyworld #535 - Walk The Line (136-365)

Project 365 - Image 136/365

This morning we arrived at the Port of Dover bright and early to check in for our sailing to Calais, and Cinko was so happy to be able to remove his jacket as the temperatures were hovering around 20oC.

After he made sure we were all aware of the fact that he was out sunbathing while we waited on our ferry boarding, he proceeded to show off his "ultra fantastico stunt line walking skills" as he referred to them. Thankfully he was staying in a safe, pedestrian only area and was in no danger of being run over by excited holiday-makers.

We've now arrived back home in Aachen and he's telling the other guys all about his amazing trip to Scotland (he's also trying his hardest to convince me to let him come to America with me tomorrow too.

Currently lined up for my 2-3 weeks trip to the USA are:

Turtle (as he's the traveller), Big Babo and the following small guys - Orange Wage, Blue Wedgehead, Purple Trunko, Yellow Ice-Bat and last but not least Ralf (Babo's Dog).

So the question remains, should I let Cinko tag along too?

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