Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Uglyworld #624 - Lost Sushi (181-365)

Project 365 - Image 181/365

As I pulled into my driveway tonight after the journey home from working in Marburg today I noticed something running out of the way as I reversed the car into place.

When I stepped out of the car I could feel a pair of eyes watching me, and so I gradually moved towards the back of the car and looked around whereupon I found this little guy standing shaking. I tried to put him at ease by telling him it was ok and that I wouldn't hurt him.

"Helps me please, I thinks I'm lost", he said. I shouted into the house for Babo to come out and help me reassure the little guy, and as you'd expect Babo was the charming host as ever.

The little lost sushi is now starting to relax a bit, and the rest of the gang are making him feel right at home!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Uglyworld #623 - The Traveller Arrives In Marburg (180-365)

Project 365 - Image 180/365

This evening everyone's favourite travelling Turtle was happy to have finally arrived after his journey to Marburg in Germany for the next day or so with work.

It's actually the first time he's managed to get to Marburg himself, as normally there's a big queue at the door to come and visit this city in the middle of Germany.

To say the little guy is impressed is an understatement, he loved the amazing architecture on show throughout the city and he keeps suggesting we should walk up to the castle up on top of the hill, unfortunately the weather is against us here with the temperature in the high 20's, rain throwing itself groundward every 10-20mins and the occasional clap and flash of thunder and lightning.

I promised that if it's dry in the morning that I'll drop him off at the bottom of the hill that leads upwards to the castle on my way to work as I don't want him blaming me for missing out on checking it out for himself.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Uglyworld #622 - A Window To Nothingness (179-365)

Project 365 - Image 179/365

Tonight was one of those nights where I found myself randomly standing at the window staring out into nothingness, so I can fully understand Ice-Bat's comments, "Baz, is you mentals or somethings, we is all downstairs for the footballs, is you comings downs too, as it starts in some seconds?".

I had to answer the little guy honestly, "I don't know dude", to which Ice-Bat seemed to use his sixth sense and decided to fly up onto the window frame and join me in looking out into nothingness.

Sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered, and Ice-Bat seemed to agree with me on that statement after a while (but he still was a little concerned that it's not mentally healthy for Ice-Bat's to stare at the sun).

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Uglyworld #621 - Lap Of Honour

Just as Wage and Ox come inside to take their place on the couch for the England V Germany game, Choco is off out into the garden (complete with his racing helmet) to do a lap of honour after his hero Sebastian Vettel won the European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain.

Secretly he hopes it's the only thing Germany wins today, but he doesn't want Wage to know this...!!!

Uglyworld #620 - Lets Settle This On The Field (178-365)

Project 365 - Image 178/365

With Wage and Ox failing to agree on just about anything, I say "just about" as they both still agreed that cookies are the best food on the planet, infact on ANY planet, they decided that there was only one way to settle the debate - on the field with the ball!

The pair of them are out in the garden running around like crazy, at this rate I'll be amazed if they're able to stay awake long enough to watch the match!!!

Uglyworld #619 - Ox Is Rooting For England

On the flipside of the coin, Ox is adamant that Germany will be going out of the World Cup this afternoon at the hands of Rooney, Gerard and the rest of the England team.

Since the World Cup began Ox has been telling everyone that the two teams would mean in the first true knockout round (final 16), and somehow this has managed to come true.

"We is worlds class and no-one's can stops us", he told me when I asked him for his reasons. As I asked him for a little more explanation for his decision he replied, "You is also's from the Island so you musts supports them too!!!".

I'm not sure he fully understood that it's not normal for a Scotsman to support the Southerners :)

Uglyworld #618 - Wage Is Supporting Germany

With England all set to play Germany this afternoon there's somewhat of a split in our house for who everyone should support, but as you'd expect I'm doing my best to let the little guys make their own decisions without any outside influence.

Wage has decided that he will be supporting Germany, when I asked him this morning for his reason he replied, "Well's, you see's, I has been livings in Germany now for so longs that I think I am now's half German, ja, ich bin halb Deutsch".

It's so funny to hear the little guy trying his best to speak German, as after 3 years living here I class my ability to speak the local lingo as "kinder Deutsch" (kids German).

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Uglyworld #617 - Sunburn Inspection

After so much time spent outside today enjoying the amazing weather Minty found himself at somewhat of a tough decision this evening - should he tell Choco the truth about just how badly his back was sunburnt or instead tell him it looked awesome?

He seemed to think looking at me would automatically make me provide an answer to his pondering...meanwhile Choco patiently awaited his answer.

Uglyworld #616 - Caught In The Act

Picture the scene - I know you're all familiar with the way that those poor discarded shopping trolleys seem to have been sentenced to a lifetime of submerged gunge as they lie under the surface of your local rivers and lakes.

Finally today we found the culprit responsible for all the discarded shopping trolleys which found their way into our swimming poor, more importantly we caught him IN THE ACT!!!

Needless to say we managed to save this poor little guy before he was thrown head over heels into our swimming pool. Red nut bear has also been handed over to the proper authorities for his crimes...

Uglyworld #615 - Crocodile Riding (177-365)

Project 365 - Image 177/365

With the weather outside once again being "scorchio" as Wage likes to call it, Bossy decided to entice Peaco into going for somewhat of a "relaxing yet adventurous" day as he described it on the premise that Peaco would be paid the pricely sum of 3 cookies for being under the control of Bossy the entire day.

Only when they reached the swimming pool did Peaco fully understand what his task for the rest of the day would be!!!

"Hows the hells can I controls a Crocodile?" he blurted out in the direction of Bossy, who merely shrugged his shoulders (or at least that's what he appeared to do as his cape moved a little). Thankfully Babo was on hand with her magic wand and waved it in the direction of the crocodile just like she had done last year to help control it.

Peaco gingerly stepped onto the back of the crocodile and after making sure everything was looking ok he gestured to Bossy that it was ok to jump on too.

Bossy is making full use of the quiet time out there on the crocodile to relax, while Peaco appears to be having great fun too telling the crocodile where to go next.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Uglyworld #614 - Multi-Tasking (176-365)

Project 365 - Image 176/365

After what turned out to be a loooooong drive back to Aachen from Freiburg (projected delays on my normal road to use saw me travel through France and Luxembourg instead), so when I finally arrived home around 9pm tonight Babo greeted me at the door with "shhhh" noises.

He whispered, "We musts be quiets, Icebat is sleepings alreadies!", so I tippy-toe'd into the kitchen to make myself something to eat. While making some grub I pondered the question: What does Ice-Bat dream of....any ideas?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Uglyworld #613 - A Quick Espresso (175-365)

Project 365 - Image 175/365

Uglyworm was on my case tonight to let him come with us to the restaurant Tizio in Freiburg as he heard they made some nice "nosh" as he decided to put it.

After scoffing some spaghetti he finished it off with a quick espresso and then reminded us that tonights football was due to start in 5mins.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Uglyworld #612 - Raiders Of The Minibar (174-365)

Project 365 - Image 174/365

After watching Indiana Jones on TV Crocadoca decided to do his own version "Raiders Of The Minibar".

It was greeted by many cheers here in my hotel room :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Uglyworld #611 - Wedgie Discovers Caramac (173-365)

Project 365 - Image 173/365

Hot on the heels of Big Toe getting his hands on the little triangles of Toblerone last night, Wedgie discovered one of my old fav's from my childhood - Caramac.

(this is actually the 2nd bar as he already scoffed the first before I could get this shot tonight)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Uglyworld #610 - TOEblerone (172-365)

Project 365 - Image 172/365

Big Toe was over the moon to find two little TOEblerone chocolates in our hotel room when we arrived in Freiburg this evening.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Uglyworld #609 - It's Only A Little Rain (171-365)

Project 365 - Image 171/365

Tomorrow I head off to Freiburg in Germany (located close to the border with Switzerland) for the entire week with work, so Cinko last night made me promise to play some football with him in the back garden today.

Unfortunately the weather here today isn't the best, it's been raining pretty much all day so far, but do you think that meant I would get out of my promise to play some footy, oh no.

Cinko made full use of his awesome jacket to entice me out into the rain with his shouts of, "It's only a little rain". Needless to say I got absolutely soaked and the pair of us spent more time sliding around the grass chasing the football than we did actually kicking it around.

At least the little guys happy now (he's actually all tired out and sitting beside me here on the couch snoring away).

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Uglyworld #608 - I Can Fix It (170-365)

Project 365 - Image 170/365

During the week Mireille discovered that a few things needed fixed around the house while I was away with work, thankfully in my absence we appear to have another budding engineer in the form of Wage.

Even today he heard that one of the handles on the steps into the swimming pool was just a tiny bit loose, and within no time he had raided my toolbox for the appropriately sized spanner and was down fixing it.

Maybe I can convince him to go on the work trips with me too, and let him share the workload?

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Uglyworld #607 - The Dream Fairy (169-365)

Project 365 - Image 169/365

Last November when I visited Marburg previously on business Wage had come with me and had opted to stay in the hotel when myself and a few American engineers visited the castle which sits on one of the hills surrounding the city. When I later returned to the hotel I found Wage lying in bed snoring away and a cute little note lying beside him saying "Good Night - Sleep Tight" and had a cute little sheep drawn on it which I assumed was from him.

This morning that whole theory was turned on it's head as when Wedgehead, Uglyworm and Ice-Bat woke up they found they too had a similar note on their pillow, this time saying "Sweet Dreams" written in German and the same drawing of a small sheep. Ice-Bat has suggested the possibility that there is a dream fairy in Marburg who visits sleeping uglies to make sure they don't have nightmares, and Worm pointed out that I had left the window open all night so that would be how the fairy got in.

Fairy or not, the 3 little Marburg adventurers are so happy this morning so I'm willing to go along with their version of who left the cool little note.

Uglyworld #606 - The Muffin Man (168-365)

Project 365 - Image 168/365

Having just checked into my hotel in Marburg after an extremely long day of travelling and work the last thing I wanted to have to deal with was heading out for dinner, luckily Wedgehead came to the rescue and went out and brought us all back some dinner.

I spotted this muffin on the table while eating my sandwich from Subway, but the second I moved towards it Wedgie pointed out that he had been couped up in the car all day and he deserved the muffin all to himself.

I decided the little guy was right, but I made sure to put "dibs" on anything that's left of it once he's full :)

For those of you wondering who actually got to make the trip with me to Marburg, I decided to teach the "pick me" club a lesson and not bring any of them, we'll soon see if that has taught them a lesson in not being so forward next time I head away (which is next week coincidentally, a trip to Freiburg for the week coming up with work). Who else managed to get into the car apart from Blue Wedgie, all will be revealed tomorrow morning (assuming I can get up early enough to snap a quick shot before heading to work) :D

Uglyworld #605 - Pick Me (167-365)

Project 365 - Image 167/365

When I arrived home this evening from work this is what greeted me outside the door - Ice-Bat, Babo, Uglyworm, Wedgehead and Turtle all jumping up and down shouting "pick me". I asked them what they wanted to be "picked" for, to which Ice-Bat said, "We heared that you is goings to Marburg tomorrow mornings, and we wants to goes too!".

I really have no idea how they manage to find out this kind of information, as I'd told no-one (not even Mireille) about this by the time I go home...Anyway, as it's only a quick visit and a one night stay tomorrow night there's only really room in my travel bag for 1 (or maybe 2 of them at a push), so the question is - who should I take with me?

As they all have their own good reasons to be my travelling companions:-

Ice-Bat - He's always great at keeping you cool in a warm hotel room.
Babo - Well how can you say no to that awesome little smile?
Uglyworm - He's always down first to breakfast and scores you the best stuff!
Wedgehead - Non-stop entertainment and excitement.
Turtle - The world renowned (2 world's actually - Earth and Uglyworld) traveller.

Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Uglyworld #604 - Find The Ice-Bat (166-365)

Project 365 - Image 166/365

When I arrived home from work about half an hour ago there was quite a crowd gathered outside on the patio, so after dropping off my work stuff in the living room I went out to see what all the fuss was about.

Babo told me to be as quiet as possible (via the internationally known "ssssshhhhh" signal), so I tip-toe'd out of the door and closed it slowly behind me. Wage pointed towards the middle of the garden where I soon spotted Rolf darting left and right, occasionally stopping to stick his head up and what appeared to be sniffing the air.

This immediately had me puzzled, I wondered if poor Rolf had gone mad with the heat and after getting let outside had gone completely round the twist! But my worries were short-lived as a couple of minutes later there came a mass of cheering from all around me and Ice-Bat jumped up from his hiding place in the grass.

It turns out that because I was working late tonight the little guys decided to make up a new game called "Find The Ice-Bat", and that fully explained Rolf's crazy antics as he tried his best to work out where Icy was lying in the garden waiting on him.

Needless to say I put dinner on hold to watch another couple of rounds before telling the guys it was time to come inside for dinner before tonights football match between Brazil and Korea (Wedgehead helped me choose Thiago Silva and Gilberto Silva from Brazil as two players in my fantasy world cup team so we hope they both play well tonight).

Monday, 14 June 2010

Uglyworld #603 - The Burgers Are Ready (165-365)

Project 365 - Image 165/365

Ox was put in charge of organising food for tonights game between Italy and Paraguay, as Wage has enough Pepsi to keep everyone going for at least the next 6 months.

Originally the little pink dude had planned to make loads of lasagne as he will be supporting Italy, but after realising how long it would take him to make batch after batch of lasagne in the oven he decided to go for the easier option of burgers.

Here comes the first two, and as Wage likes to say "If you's not fast, you's last!".

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Uglyworld #602 - Zoltan's Ice Cream Cone (164-365)

Project 365 - Image 164/365

Zoltan decided to take a walk out into the garden during the half time break between todays World Cup game between Ghana and Serbia, not only to soak up some sun but to sneakily eat one of the ice cream cones he'd bought yesterday and hidden at the back of the freezer.

Unfortunately for Zoltan it would appear someone else has spotted what's going on too!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Uglyworld #601 - Wedgie Studies The World Cup Planner (163-365)

Project 365 - Image 163/365

With game day 2 of the 2010 World Cup underway Wedgehead had been sitting watching the South Korea Vs Greece game, he was amazed at the pace the South Koreans were able to keep up right through the game and thought they thoroughly deserved their 2-0 win.

Once the game was finished he was straight over to our World Cup planner working out some statistics etc, and announced to us "I just works out that whens Germany ands England don'ts finish both firsts or seconds in their groups then they can't meets untils the final game!".

It's like a form of excercise for the little blue guys mind, maybe we should try this concept out on Jeero in the hope that it can stimulate that peanut he has for a brain.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Uglyworld #600 - I See'd A Snake Bird Thingy (162-365)

Project 365 - Image 162/365

What better way to celebrate photo #600 in my Adventures in Uglyworld set (and pic #162 in this years 365 project) than to bring you yet another of Jeero's incredibly funny statements.

Let me set the scene, with the World Cup due to kick off this afternoon Jeero asked what we planned to do before 4pm, to which myself and Mireille suggested going to visit the local Tierpark (animal park) in Aachen, and then to Mireille's grans to celebrate her birthday (while making sure the TV was switched on for the football at 4pm of course).

Jeero loved this idea and so off we went to the "mini-zoo" with Jeero skipping and jumping all the way there. Once we paid our way through the front gate Jeero went off faster than either myself or Mireille has ever seen him before and a few minutes later he came sprinting back up the hill shouting "Quicks, you must comes quicks".

This caught Mireille by surprise so she asked the little guy if someone was hurt, to which he replied "No, everyones is ok, at leasts I thinks so, buts I finds a snake-bird thingy". This "snake-bird thingy got my attention so I asked for more info, Jeero replied "Well whats I finded has the shapes of a birds but looks likes it has the heads of a snake!!!".

Obviously we asked for him to show us where this "strange" animal could be found and he dragged us down to the Emu enclosure, as you can probably imagine the pair of us couldn't stop laughing at the little guy!

So here you have a shot of Jeero with some of those "Snake-Bird thingies". He really doesn't go a day without making us laugh so much that we end up in tears or stomach pain (or most times both).

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Uglyworld #599 - World Cup Fever (161-365)

Project 365 - Image 161/365

Tomorrow afternoon the 2010 World Cup will kick off with host nation South Africa taking on Mexico, and the uglies are all getting into the world cup fever that seems to be taking over almost everywhere we go at the moment.

Peaco has spent the entire day so far dribbling his football up and down the living room, and keeps shouting "checks this outs" as he's managed to teach himself yet another new trick or move.

The second game tomorrow features Uruguay against France, and Peaco says he tips Urugay for that one - when asked why he chose Urugay he replies "Your-A-Guy, you tells me!". His humour appears to be coming on as quickly as his football (soccer for our colonial cousins) skills.

Uglyworld #598 - Drinking The Profits

After Wage returned home from the Pepsi shoot yesterday he was by far the most popular ugly on the block, with all the other uglies wanting to talk to him about how things went, meanwhile his cousin Bearbrick Wage was too busy enjoying his share of the profits...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Uglyworld #597 - Ugly Edition Pepsi (160-365)

Project 365 - Image 160/365

It turns out that while I was away working in America the last 3 weeks Wage had been contacted by a well-known soft drink manufacturer to ask if he would do some acting work for their up and coming round of advertisements to be seen around the world.

Last night Wage broke the news to the whole gang and today we went off to a local studio where the advert was being filmed/shot, they allowed me to shoot a couple of pics as the mornings hectic program of filming and photography progressed to be able to share with you guys.

As we left the studio a little while ago I asked Wage what he was getting paid for the job, to which he replied, "No monies, but I gets all the drinks I wants".

Maybe it's time I became Wage's agent so that he can make the most of these opportunities when they crop up!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Uglyworld #596 - Poe's Cake Obsession (159-365)

Project 365 - Image 159/365

Personally I like cake, Mireille likes cake, and I can only assume those of you viewing this picture like cake too?

Now there's liking cake, and loving cake, the latter of which our good friend Poe definitely tops the charts for. The little guy can make a whole cake dissappear in a matter of milliseconds, to put this into normal speak you could be sitting there on the couch watching TV beside him and in the time it takes you to blink an eye the entire cake has gone bye-bye!

I'm beginning to wonder if I should arrange for him to see some sort of specialist about this, as I'm worried that the little guy's obsession with cake may get worse and worse over time, however he assures me that "eatings cakes is normals for us little guys as we is growings up, don't worry okays!".

To be honest I wouldn't know where to start looking to get him help anyway, obviously a dietician would be one port of call, but is there such a thing as a cake specialist, i.e. a cakeologist?

We may find out some day if a cakeologist exists if Poe's cake-wolfing habits continue.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Uglyworld #595 - Fun In The Sun (158-365)

Project 365 - Image 158/365

Today is definitely not as warm and sunny as the weather we had through the weekend, but it's still sunny and once Rolf and Ralf noticed how it looked outside in the garden they were looking for one of the big guys to take them outside and play.

Jeero agreed to their demands and the pair of Uglydogs are out there running rings around him at the moment, the funniest thing is that the pair of them seem to be playing fetch with Jeero - as in they're making Jeero go fetch the sticks instead of the other way round!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Uglyworld #594 - Look, Sky Watcher

Since travelling back to Aachen with me from his old home in Oregon, Kaiju Wage has been suffering from severe jetlag (just like me), but he's made the most of the great weather over the weekend to lie out in the sun and get some extra colour on his spikes and scales.

The weather forecast this evening is for thunder and lightning, but at the moment it's still over 20oC and the only sign of the impending storms being en route is the smell of moisture in the air. Wage says he's staying out on the patio until he catches glimpse of the first lightning then he'll come inside.

I just hope the thunder and lightning will make itself seen and heard soon otherwise the little guy may be out there for quite some time yet (I may have to keep the backup plan of enticing him back inside with cookies on standby just incase).

Uglyworld #593 - Ice Cream Dream (157-365)

Project 365 - Image 157/365

With the weather outside topping 30oC today here in Aachen, the guys are all having fun in the garden running between their toys, the swimming pool and their towels which are all spread out around the garden (for when they need a well earned 10 minutes nap before starting all over again).

Ice-Bat is the one feeling the heat the most today, and the last time he woke up he looked so happy that Babo asked him "Why is yous so happys?".

To which Ice-Bat replied, "I hads the mosts amazings dream ever, I was surroundeds by ice-creams of all kinds and coulds choose any of thems I likes!".

Within the next 20 seconds all of the uglies were lying on their towels trying to quickly fall asleep so that they too could have an "Ice Cream Dream".

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Uglyworld #592 - Scaredy Cat (156-365)

Project 365 - Image 156/365

Today the temperature is soaring upwards towards 30oC, so we decided to have a day beside the pool in our back garden.

It would appear to be the first time that Choco has seen a swimming pool, as he became both extremely nervous and excited when he walked down to the poolside with everyone else.

The rest of the guys are already in the pool having fun, but Choco's still standing by the side shaking, maybe he'll overcome his fear and dive in later on to surprise everyone!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Uglyworld #591 - Surprise Pizza (155-365)

Project 365 - Image 155/365

Having arrived back in Germany today some of the little guys had arranged with Mireille that they would surprise me with some homemade pizza for dinner tonight, but I managed to find out about it earlier than the expected when I heard Ox scream and then the sound of some frantic footsteps coming from the kitchen.

It turns out Ox was so concentrated on placing the toppings on the pizza then he lost his balance and went face first into the pizza, I must admit it was a really funny sight - and of course we all enjoyed the pizza after the laughing died down :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Uglyworld #590 - Homecoming Stones (154-365)

Project 365 - Image 154/365

Babo was put in charge of making sure the cool stones we collected on the Pacific coast beaches last weekend made it into the case tonight before we went to bed.

He seems to have rounded them all up well enough :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Uglyworld #589 - Can I Take Them Home? (153-365)

Project 365 - Image 153/365

Uglydog Ralf is beginning to get excited at the prospect of flying home to Aachen in a couple of days time. Tonight he took a walk down to the reception as they quite often bake some cookies for the hotel guests.

He returned with 4 white chocolate chip cookies and quickly demolished 2 of them before asking, "Raaaaaaar, raaaar, ruf, raaaar!", thankfully Babo was able to translate it for us non-canine speaking individuals, "he says that he wants to takes these 2 homes to Mireille".

I pointed out that the cookies are better when they're fresh and that we've already got some other goodies to take home for Mireille and the other uglies, so Ralf and Babo demolished the remaining pair of cookies as soon as I had taken this picture.

After eating them the pair decided to inform me with the following titbit of information, "Now we is alls ready to fly from Oregon on Thursdays mornings and gets homes to Aachen on Fridays mornings".