Sunday, 6 June 2010

Uglyworld #594 - Look, Sky Watcher

Since travelling back to Aachen with me from his old home in Oregon, Kaiju Wage has been suffering from severe jetlag (just like me), but he's made the most of the great weather over the weekend to lie out in the sun and get some extra colour on his spikes and scales.

The weather forecast this evening is for thunder and lightning, but at the moment it's still over 20oC and the only sign of the impending storms being en route is the smell of moisture in the air. Wage says he's staying out on the patio until he catches glimpse of the first lightning then he'll come inside.

I just hope the thunder and lightning will make itself seen and heard soon otherwise the little guy may be out there for quite some time yet (I may have to keep the backup plan of enticing him back inside with cookies on standby just incase).

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