Thursday, 17 June 2010

Uglyworld #605 - Pick Me (167-365)

Project 365 - Image 167/365

When I arrived home this evening from work this is what greeted me outside the door - Ice-Bat, Babo, Uglyworm, Wedgehead and Turtle all jumping up and down shouting "pick me". I asked them what they wanted to be "picked" for, to which Ice-Bat said, "We heared that you is goings to Marburg tomorrow mornings, and we wants to goes too!".

I really have no idea how they manage to find out this kind of information, as I'd told no-one (not even Mireille) about this by the time I go home...Anyway, as it's only a quick visit and a one night stay tomorrow night there's only really room in my travel bag for 1 (or maybe 2 of them at a push), so the question is - who should I take with me?

As they all have their own good reasons to be my travelling companions:-

Ice-Bat - He's always great at keeping you cool in a warm hotel room.
Babo - Well how can you say no to that awesome little smile?
Uglyworm - He's always down first to breakfast and scores you the best stuff!
Wedgehead - Non-stop entertainment and excitement.
Turtle - The world renowned (2 world's actually - Earth and Uglyworld) traveller.

Decisions, decisions...

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