Thursday, 17 June 2010

Uglyworld #606 - The Muffin Man (168-365)

Project 365 - Image 168/365

Having just checked into my hotel in Marburg after an extremely long day of travelling and work the last thing I wanted to have to deal with was heading out for dinner, luckily Wedgehead came to the rescue and went out and brought us all back some dinner.

I spotted this muffin on the table while eating my sandwich from Subway, but the second I moved towards it Wedgie pointed out that he had been couped up in the car all day and he deserved the muffin all to himself.

I decided the little guy was right, but I made sure to put "dibs" on anything that's left of it once he's full :)

For those of you wondering who actually got to make the trip with me to Marburg, I decided to teach the "pick me" club a lesson and not bring any of them, we'll soon see if that has taught them a lesson in not being so forward next time I head away (which is next week coincidentally, a trip to Freiburg for the week coming up with work). Who else managed to get into the car apart from Blue Wedgie, all will be revealed tomorrow morning (assuming I can get up early enough to snap a quick shot before heading to work) :D

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