Sunday, 20 June 2010

Uglyworld #609 - It's Only A Little Rain (171-365)

Project 365 - Image 171/365

Tomorrow I head off to Freiburg in Germany (located close to the border with Switzerland) for the entire week with work, so Cinko last night made me promise to play some football with him in the back garden today.

Unfortunately the weather here today isn't the best, it's been raining pretty much all day so far, but do you think that meant I would get out of my promise to play some footy, oh no.

Cinko made full use of his awesome jacket to entice me out into the rain with his shouts of, "It's only a little rain". Needless to say I got absolutely soaked and the pair of us spent more time sliding around the grass chasing the football than we did actually kicking it around.

At least the little guys happy now (he's actually all tired out and sitting beside me here on the couch snoring away).

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