Saturday, 3 July 2010

Uglyworld #627 - Portrait Of A Germany Fan (184-365)

Project 365 - Image 184/365

Wage has been unable to sleep for the last few days, at first we thought it was all because of the heatwave we're going through at the moment, but this morning the true reason for his bout of insomnia was revealed - he's now a die hard German fan.

It's probably best that I let Wage share some of his morning chants with you:-

"Lu, lu, lu, lu, Lukas Podolski!!!"

"Steht auf, wenn Ihr Deutsche seid!"

"Schland, Schland, Schland..."

There you can see it for yourself, he now appears to be a devout Germany fan. As their opponents today are Argentina I asked him if he thought Maradona would be an influence and inspiration to the Argentinian players during the game, to which he repied, "I never reallys liked her musics very much, so I don'ts thinks she'll be ables to influences the game very much!".

I thought for a second or so about explaining to him that Maradona and Madonna were two different people, but in the end decided it could end up being funnier if I leave that notion in his head for a little while longer.

Finally, Wage's prediction for the match is a 3-2 win for Germany with Podolski netting at least 1 of the goals.

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