Thursday, 22 July 2010

Uglyworld #661 - Special Agent Babo

Babo has been really interested in the book I've been reading in the last week since I left Aachen, so much so that he's had me wondering just what was grabbing his attention each night, as he keeps asking for an update on what happened in the pages I've read before I go to sleep.

The book in question is "who dares wins" by Chris Ryan and it's centred around 2 brothers who are both members of the British special forces, namely the SAS.

When I asked Babo why he was so interested things got interesting, he immediately ran to the door, opened it a little and looked outside in all directions, then closed it again and turned the lock. As if that wasn't already strange enough he then switched off the lights and after checking sneakily out of the windows he came over to the bed with his opening statement, "Listens very carefullys, I shouldn't be tellings you this".

"I was a secrets agent back on Uglyworld, but I didn't agrees with everythings they tolds me to do, so I leaved". I must have looked completely bemused as I really wasn't expecting such a conversation to EVER happen, never mind right here, right now. Babo continued, "They wanted me to steals a huge delivery truck fulls of cookies, and me and my teams was ready to does this, but then we finded out that they was for a centre which looks after homeless uglies, so I went against the orders of my captains and aborteds the mision".

Again I must just have looked stunned to the little guy who was poured out his soul to me, "I arranges some transports for me and my uglies to travels to earth, and you see's thats what brings us here!". "We knows that we is safe with you here as you can protects us if needs be, but I don't thinks they will evers come looking for us".

After the tension dropped a little the lights went back on, the tv was fired up and everything went back to normal with Babo munching some cookies with the other guys...I'm not quite sure if I've heard the end of this or not, but if Babo wants to tell me more it's his call.

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