Thursday, 22 July 2010

Uglyworld #662 - Guard Dogs (204-365)

Project 365 - Image 204/365

Like almost every ugly, Cinko finds the smell of freshly baked cookies impossible to resist, so when he realised that he was catching a whiff of freshly baked super duper double choco chippo's he set off to help himself to some of them.

When he laid eyes on the cookies he also noticed that he was not alone, as standing beside the plate of warm cookies were Rolf and Ralf, who Cinko surmised for some reason were immune to the intoxicating smell that lured him forward.

As he got within 10 or so steps Rolf puffed out his chest and roared an ear-shattering bark in Cinko's direction, with Ralf standing tall and silent but ready to pounce within a split second if need be.

Cinko for the first time since I've known him looked totally confused, one half of him wanted to just swandive into those delicious looking cookies and the other half was trembling with fear at the pair of guard dogs which blocked his way forward. He's just standing there, rooted to the spot, occasionally turning towards the cookies and then spinning away from them at a snarl or bark from Rolf.

It would appear we have a standoff going on...

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