Friday, 23 July 2010

Uglyworld #663 - Pink Uglies Can't Jump (205-365)

Project 365 - Image 205/365

Cinko being the young guy of the bunch can sometimes shoot his mouth off without even realise he's doing it, for instance this evening he discovered that there's a basketball court on the grounds of our hotel, so he immediately starting giving Ox some abuse with lines such as "pink uglies can't jump" etc.

It didn't take long for Ox to rise to the challenge, "Okies, I has hads enoughs, you betters be ables to puts your skills where yours mouth is" and headed out of the room in the direction of the court.

Cinko seemeed a little stunned at how quickly Ox left the room with his challenge waiting to be answered, so he waited a minute or two incase Ox was only joking, and after realising that Ox was already shooting some practice hoops waiting on him, he headed on over too for the showdown.

Ox pretty much pumelled Cinko into the ground, winning easily by a score of 20 baskets to 4, I think Cinko has learned his lesson that it doesn't matter if someone's small and pink - they can still have game!

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