Saturday, 24 July 2010

Uglyworld #672 - Whats The Hell Happened

On our way back down Interstate 5 South to our hotel, Babo asked for us to stop and find somewhere for some "scrumptious dinner, but it musts be at a cools old local restaurants place!", so when I saw the sign pop up for Mrs Beesley's Diner I suggested that be our place to stop for a munch, to which Babo agreed.

As we pulled up to the diner, Babo motioned that I shoot drive a little further along the road while he had a very puzzled look on his face. It soon became apparent why he sported that look - he pointed towards two truck cabs which were sitting high in the air as somewhat of a makeshift advertising display for one of the local businesses nearby.

"Whats the hell happened?", he asked while pointing to the two truck cabs which were balanced on top of a huge pile of wooden pallets, I explained to him that this was a local advertisement to which he put an abrupt end to the conversation with, "advertising, schmadvertising - that is justs mentals, anyhow's, I is hungries, so lets go gets dinners!".

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