Monday, 2 August 2010

Uglyworld #700 - My Plan Doesn'ts Seems To Work (215-365)

Project 365 - Image 215/365

After formulating his "Altoids" masterplan to catch the cat which invaded our hotel room at the weekend, Babo was more than a little concerned that his approach wasn't paying any dividends.

Rolf joined him near the pile of Altoids which they had cunningly laid on one of the tables in the hotel room, along with a line of the mints leading up to the main "stockpile". The stockpile was ground zero for their capture plan and as such it was being monitored by at least one ugly at a time, with them rotating the sentry duty through everyone in 3-hour shifts.

Babo told Rolf, "I just don'ts understands it Rolf, my plan doesn'ts seems to work, and is a well knowns fact that cats and curiositys has many links, maybe I is being too impatients and we must just waits longers!".

Rolf barked in agreement, and the pair then monitored the stockpile of Altoids for the rest of their shift.

Will the cat show it's face, will the little guys manage to catch it...only time will tell.

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