Thursday, 2 September 2010

Uglyworld #753 - We Can Backs Ups Your Memories (246-365)

Project 365 - Image 246/365

Thankfully Babo realised this week that me not calling one night last week to say I'd be home late wasn't all that bad, as this week the minimum I've worked has been around 14 hours, with the most approaching 19 hours (all in a single day).

Babo took this all in his stride and assigned all of the other guys jobs to keep things running "tickedy-boo" as he likes to call it:-

* Poe has been put in charge of making sure my alarm is set each morning (as I'm normally too sleepy to set it myself before falling asleep)

* Babo himself is looking after making me breakfast each day

* Turtle has taken it upon himself to look after what was an ever growing pile of laundry

* Rolf and Ralf have continued to terrorise the maids when they tidy up the room (it's pretty much their favourite thing to do)

This left Trunko with no major task of his own, so he took it upon himself to spend some of his own hard-earned cookie cash to buy a memory card which he then filled up with photographs of myself and Mireille on all of our adventures.

After I had thanked him I asked what inspired him to do this, to which he replied, "We is all missing homes too, and wishes either you can be's back theres soon, or everyone else can comes to visits us! This memories card has spaces left so you cans also backs ups your memories if you likes".

At the current rate I think option 2 is looking more and more likely as my stay seems to get extended a little bit each week, at least now I've loads of cool pics and "memorisations" as Trunko likes to call them of the fun myself and Mireille have had on our holidays to Scotland and elsewhere.

Turtle even suggested to me this evening when I arrived back in the hotel room that, "Maybies makes more sense that you has long lies and makes sure you doesn't gets burnts out, we can adventurise another times ok".

I may just take him up on that offer after the week that's slowly drawing to a close here...

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