Friday, 3 September 2010

Uglyworld #754 - Rolf Receives His Barking Orders (247-365)

Project 365 - Image 247/365

As Friday night finally rolled round unknown to me Babo had ensured that everyone knew their respective tasks inside out for this coming holiday weekend, and Cinko was given the task of ensuring for one final time before I arrived back to the hotel that everyone was ready and primed for action.

Rolf was given the task this evening of being the "guard dog", to ensure that a long lie was going to be possible for me, all in all the sort of job that any Uglydog would relish - chasing maids away from hotel room doors.

Hopefully he stays focused on his task and doesn't go chasing bouncy balls down the street instead.

(Hopefully after some recuperation time on Saturday I can finally get round to checking out everyone's latest uploads, things have just been totally CRAZY here and it's been hard enough trying to get a photograph online each day never mind find the time to check out everyone elses pics).

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