Sunday, 19 September 2010

Uglyworld #782 - Zombies (261-365)

Project 365 - Image 261/365

After I finally finished work today (yes it's a Saturday and I ended up in work yet again) Cinko was straight on my case about what the plans for Saturday night were.

"Baz, can we goes to the cinemas, there is the news residents evils film outs!", he asked.

Now I already know that Cinko is a massive Milla Jovovich fan, and there's nothing he likes more than when she's tackling zombies galore in the Resident Evil films.

"This latests one is even mores special, as it is in 3-Dee's, what mores could you asks for, almosts likes having real lifes zombies in fronts of you!".

So after dinner off we went to the cinema to see the new "Resident Evil - Afterlife" film in the series.

Since we arrived back at the hotel Cinko has been walking around the room hugging the walls with his jacket on (it's been raining heavily all week), incase of any random zombie attacks while asking me to keep an eye out for Alice who should be along to help out any time.

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