Sunday, 19 September 2010

Uglyworld #783 - The Lookout Turrets (262-365)

Project 365 - Image 262/365

After cinko's talk of zombie's my hotel room has been tightly gripped by what can only be described as mass hysteria, with almost all of the little guys only to be found hiding in cupboards, behind the pillows on the bed or trying to sneak into my pockets when I least expect them to.

Babo decided this evening that enough was enough and that he had to take charge of the situation, so he ordered Trunko to get behind the controls of his Uglybot and patrol the room.

Meanwhile Babo took it upon himself to jump into his "lookout turrets" on the desk near the door to the room. He said, "From heres I has a perfects vantage points to watches everythings, so when there is signs of any vampires or other evils stuff then I can shouts to Trunko to gets the Uglybot over to deals with them".

"And as we has 13 daysies left before we flies back to Germanies, I wants to makes sure that any bad lucks is only on the zombies and nots us!".

Fantastic plan once again by the mastermind that is Babo, and hopefully it'll mean a good nights sleep for everyone else tonight too while he and Trunko keep watch!

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