Sunday, 31 October 2010

Uglyworld #849 - Zombiewage (304-365)

Project 365 - Image 304/365

Not long after I fell out of bed this morning I looked out of the window to see that it was a very grey, misty start to the day, and then I realised that there was no sign of Wage in the hotel room.

As I sat eating my breakfast there came a groan from outside followed by a knock at the door, and as I opened the door I was shocked to see a zombified Wage ambling towards me with his arms stretched out and his eyes looking like they were in a trance-like state.

Needless to say I side-stepped him and ran out of the room before he could sink his fangs into me, I just hope he's going to return to his normal self by the time I return this evening.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Uglyworld #848 - Ice Case (303-365)

Project 365 - Image 303/365

Wage found himself a great present for Mireille while we were waiting for our connection last night in Chicago Airport, he likes to refer to it as the "Ice Case".

Friday, 29 October 2010

Uglyworld #847 - Chicago Airport (302-365)

Project 365 - Image 302/365

Ever since Wage saw my photograph from the underground passageway which connects concourses B and C together at Terminal 1 of O'Hare Airport in Chicago he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

"I just loves the colours and the lights which all goes wheeeeeee ups and downs the passageways", he explained to a few passengers who stopped to say hello.

We ended up spending around half an hour down there taking photographs, as every time I suggested we head to our departure gate Wage found another cool angle to take a photograph from.

As you can see Wage gave the location a big thumbs up and the "Ugly seal of approval"...

p.s. Pic was taken on Friday, but uploaded on Saturday as I only just reached my hotel in the last half hour :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Uglyworld #846 - Readies To Go (301-365)

Project 365 - Image 301/365

This evening when I returned home from Mireille's grans funeral to pack my case I could hear Babo chatting with Wage outside in the garden so I decided to go find out what was going on.

Babo: "Now, you remembers that this is nots for alcohols?"
Wage: "Yes Babo's, I will behaves"

The pair then realised I was standing nearby and Wage turned to me and said, "Oh hi Baz, is ok when I comes with you to Americas?".

I replied to Wage, "Yeah, no problem, but you need to be packed quite soon as we leave for Mireille's house shortly".

"Readies To Go", he said almost immediately while showing me the wad of notes he had aquired from Babo and Cinko (as they still had some spending money left from their previous trip). I'm not sure if he meant he was ready to go, or was

Babo made sure to remind me not to let Wage spend any of the cash on beer before we left!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Uglyworld #845 - No Ways Hosays (300-365)

Project 365 - Image 300/365

It's been somewhat of a tough week for the little Uglies that live with us, what with Mireille's gran dying last Friday, the funeral taking place tomorrow and me having to get ready to head off to America again this Friday.

With my case lying partially packed and what I can only describe as it's contents having exploded all over the room it's more than understandable that the gang are spending more time outside in the garden today.

While having a breather myself in the garden I witnessed a funny conversation between Bossy and Wedgehead.

Bossy: "Nice Jackets"
Wedgie: "Thanks, keeps me warms"
Bossy: "Can I borrows it?"
Wedgie: "I don't thinks so, you has your capes anyways"
Bossy: "Can I just tries it ons then?"
Wedgie: "No, cause then I'd gets cold"
Bossy: "MINE!!!!"
Wedgie: "No Ways Hosays!!!"

Wedgehead isn't up for handing his jacket over to Bossy, no matter what the cost!

p.s. Day 300, woohooo, only 65 more to go :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Uglyworld #844 - Nom Nom's (299-365)

Project 365 - Image 299/365

This evening as I tried to repair the damage that Jeero had caused last night to my computer I was drawn away from the task at hand by what can only be described as "Nom Nom's", as Gordon had made us a couple of chocolate desserts to keep us going until the computer was back up and running again.

Between Babo choosing the Intel i7 CPU, and suggesting some great settings for it to be overclocked with giving us an incredibly fast PC, and Gordon's awesome pudding things are finally returning to normal...

Monday, 25 October 2010

Uglyworld #843 - "I Thinks These Is Extras" (298-365)

Project 365 - Image 298/365

Admittedly, agreeing to let Jeero put my new mother board and graphics card into the PC probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done...

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Uglyworld #842 - It's Snowings (297-365)

Project 365 - Image 297/365

Ice-Bat was extremely excited today when we had a spot of snow fall, so much so that he asked if he could go outside and pose around what was left of it before it melted away in the rain.

How could I say no...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Uglyworld #841 - Not Again! (296-365)

Project 365 - Image 296/365

This evening Babo broke the news to the rest of the gang that I will most likely be heading off again with work later in the week for a month or so.

Peaco as always had something to say on the matter and when Wage explained that it's part of my job to travel to customers around the world all hell broke loose as Peaco threw over the ice chest that the little guys keep their drinks inside.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Uglyworld #840 - We Are Going To Miss You Omi (295-365)

Project 365 - Image 295/365

This evening Jeero removed his hat and lit some candles to mourn the passing of Mireille's Oma (Grandma) tonight...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Uglyworld #839 - Personal Trainer (294-365)

Trainer (294-365)

Project 365 - Image 294/365

For the last few months Babo has been trying everything to get Ham Slammer up off of the couch and out doing some exercise, but there's always been one excuse or another the entire time.

Thankfully since I returned from Oregon with Doug and Dug, things have taken quite a turn for the better, it's probably best if I let Babo explain (as he's standing here watching me write this).

"Hi's everyone, well you sees all of my previous tactics to gets Ham Slammers fit has not workeds, but when I see'd how much he likeds to play with Dug and Doug I decideds to have a words with the littles guys to sees if they would likes a parts-time jobs! They now waits until Ham Slammer gets close and then runs a little aways, so that he musts catch up agains, then they repeats this all day, Ham Slammers doesn't even realises he is doing exercises which is the bestest bit, and all it is costings us is a few more cookies at the ends of each week for Doug and Dug".

I'm telling you, Babo see's the world in a whole different way to the rest of us at times!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Uglyworld #838 - The Final Can Of Irn-Bru (293-365)

Project 365 - Image 293/365

Wage discovered that there was only 1 single can of Irn-Bru left in the fridge this morning and decided that since getting more would involve another trip to Scotland (or at least somewhere else in the UK that sells it by the bucketload) that the best option was that he sneakily drink it without anyone else knowing anything about it.

Unfortunately for Wage as he opened the ringpull he was blissfully unaware of a few onlookers behind him who also have a love of the Scottish soft drink that is Irn-Bru...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Uglyworld #837 - Rogues Gallery

There's been so many emails asking for more info on the little "mini-me" uglies that have been showing up in my stream (and Highlandmonkey's too) in the last few days, so the guys asked if it was ok for them all to line up for somewhat of a rogues gallery photoshoot.

Not content with only them being featured, they asked if they could have some foot placed around them too, which was all handmade by us at the weekend also. The only one missing from this shoot is Babo who is still too busy having brunch at Mireille's.

We moulded the little guys out of FIMO (i.e. plasticine) and then baked them in the oven to harden them up. Really good fun to act like a kid for the day, and what better way to spend a very wet and windy Saturday afternoon and evening ;)

Uglyworld #836 - Halloween Cat Or Toy Digger (292-365)

Project 365 - Image 292/365

I'm not quite sure what made Gordon so happy, it could have been:-

A) The fact that he found our awesome halloween cat candle holder (which coincidentally has the same maniacal grin on it's face as him).


B) Watching Mini-Cinko playing with his toy digger all morning.

Either way he's been giggling away all morning and even now the mirth continues...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Uglyworld #835 - Minus & Icy (291-365)

Project 365 - Image 291/365

As soon as Minus realised that there was no a mini-me version of Ice-Bat waiting to be claimed she took care of business without a second thought.

Mini "lost his cool" Icy has been out enjoying some unexpected sunshine today, but was always thankful that the temperatures still remained only a few notches above freezing point.

Minus on the other hand has now re-entered the house sniffing away, to which Babo said, "That's what happens whens you heads outsides with onlys a teeshirt ons!".

Ever the wise one, is Babo...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Uglyworld #834 - He Loves Bananas (290-365)

Project 365 - Image 290/365

After seeing the awesome clay models Babo and Wage made of themselves, Big Toe took a couple of lessons himself and then managed to create his own version of his favourite Monkey, Yoya.

As if this wasn't enough he also made a couple of bananas, as he knew that if Chunky was to come and visit that one banana would never be enough (he does have a back up plan of ordering some pizza too).

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Uglyworld #833 - Mini Me's (289-365)

Project 365 - Image 289/365

We originally planned to head out exploring today, but waking up to what can only be described as it raining "cats and dogs" outside we had to think quickly to keep the little guys from getting restless.

Thankfully Mireille had an ace up her sleeve in the form of some moulding clay which we suggested Wage and Babo could use to make something in front of the TV today.

The pair were extremely secretive about what they had made until they were both finished at which point myself and Mireille were summoned back into the living room with out hands over our eyes by an extremely excited Cinko who added, "Waits till you see's what they makes, absolutelies awesomes, I can't believes it myselfs!".

After we were allowed to look the pair of us were amazed and shocked to varying degrees to see what they had been making all afternoon. Babo said, "We calls them mini me's, we hopes you likes them!".

At present they're trying to hold a moulding masterclass for some of the other guys, so maybe we'll have more miniature sized fun to share with you guys soon too!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Uglyworld #832 - Stowaways (288-365)

Project 365 - Image 288/365

As I lay half asleep on the couch this afternoon (still struggling to return to life in the CET timezone) I was startled out of my snooze-like state by what sounded like tiny little feet running across the tiled floor.

I suddenly have the feeling that there have been some stowaways hiding inside my luggage last weekend, I just hope they'll play nicely (I'm sure I can entrust Babo with the job of finding this out and making sure they will do anyway!).

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Uglyworld #831 - Oktoberfest Party (287-365)

Project 365 - Image 287/365

When Target heard that we would be at an Oktoberfest Party he was straight on our case about coming along too.

For those of you who can remember the fiasco that we had to deal with in November last year when Wage got himself completely hammered you'll already understand our hesitancy at saying yes to Target.

Just as Mireille was trying to explain our concerns to the little guy he revealed his awesome little beer glass which he said, "Means I only drinks just enoughs without going crazies, you don't needs to worry, ok!".

Sure enough he stayed true to his word and only drunk as much as he could manage via the small glass, which was always full of Oktoberfest Bier from Paulaner.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Uglyworld #830 - Snow Watcher (286-365)

Project 365 - Image 286/365

Almost as soon as the word "snow" had came out of the weather forecasters mouth this morning on TV, Ice-Bat had quickly put on his favourite "ICE" jumper and ran outside.

After around 20 minutes had passed I noticed he hadn't moved at all and was standing perfectly still looking up towards the sky, so I decided to throw on a jumper too and head outside and havea chat with him.

I asked him what he was doing outside, to which he replied, "As soon as i heared that snow is due soons I thought I had betters go watches for it!". I unfortunately had to tell him that if he had listened to the entire forecast he would already know that the snow is forecast for this coming Saturday and not today.

"That's a pitys, I had thoughts that we could makes a snowman this afternoons too, I guesses we just has to waits until the weekends now", he said as he rather dejectedly walked back into the house.

Icy says he's not going to take his ICE jumper off though, as that could prove to be bad luck and prevent the snow from coming at the weekend!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Uglyworld #829 - The Autumn Garden (285-365)

Project 365 - Image 285/365

The weather here in Aachen today is cold and misty so when Dug asked if he could head outside to explore our garden Babo threw on his wooly jacket and hat to be Dug's tourguide.

Babo chatted away to Dug (who listened intently to Babo's stories), "With it being almosts the midways point of Octobers already the leaves has already starteds to falls off and goes browns".

Rolf barked his approval at Babo's knowledge of nature and the seasons as they explored the garden until the mist got too thick for them to stay outside, at which point Wage waved some cookies out of the back door and the pair of them used their sense of smell to find their way back inside.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Uglyworld #828 - Jetlaggered (284-365)

Project 365 - Image 284/365

Since arriving back in Germany yesterday morning I've been drifting in and out of sleep every few hours during the day and then find myself lying wide awake in bed during the night, oh how I love jetlag!

Wedgehead reckons that jetlag is contageous as even though he didn't make the trip back from America with me he has been sleeping as much (or as little) as me in the last day or so.

"Man, I feels like alls of my energies has been wipered out, I hates being jetlaggered!!!", he explained right before his eye closed yet again for another wee nap.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Uglyworld #827 - Welcome Home Kürbissuppe (283-365)

Project 365 - Image 283/365

Wage wanted to make sure that my first dinner back home in Aachen would be a good one, so he slaved away in the kitchen all day making my favourite soup for me. I had better let him explain it for himself:-

"I knows that you likes pumpkins soups very much, so I wents to the locals supermarket to finds pumpkins, and afters visiting 6 differents shops I couldn't finds any pumpkins at alls! I was abouts to gives in when a friendlies person asked me what I was lookings for in German...".

"Was suchst du?", she askeds me, to which I replied, "Pumpkins!".

"Thankfully she understoods me and shows me that in Germany they calls them by a funnies name, Kürbis".

Once Wage was home he set about making the Pumpkin into a delicious soup and it that wasn't already filling enough a huge dish of Lasagne was on the table next.

I think he's happy to finally have me home again for a while!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Uglyworld #826 - Bye Byes Oregon (282-365)

Project 365 - Image 282/365

After what seems like an eternity, it's time for Babo and the rest of the gang to head to the airport and fly back home to Aachen.

Sunday's 365 installment will be back on home soil again for the uglies, much to the smiley face of Mireille I'm sure ;)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Uglyworld #825 - Stress Relievers (281-365)

Project 365 - Image 281/365

Before I could even open the door to my hotel room tonight I could hear a mixture of "popping" noises and giggles coming from inside.

When I opened the door, little Babo shouted at me immediately to come over and see what had been delivered, "Looks Baz, we gets a box of stress relievers delivereds today, they is so much funs!", and just as he finished his last word of the sentence Cinko popped another bubble of air to the delight of Babo.

By the looks of my room there's been a whole truckload of packing material delivered, I'm still trying to find the important parts that they were protecting on their way over from Germany, but at least it keeps the little guys entertained during my final few days out here in Oregon.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Uglyworld #824 - Rolf's Love Of Balloons (280-365)

Project 365 - Image 280/365

Ever since Rolf first came to stay with myself and Mireille we learned quickly that the little guy has a severe problem when it comes to balloons.

He just can't stay away from them, and as I found out today, there's balloons and then there's shiny balloons, they are soooooo much worse when it comes to grabbing his attention.

I'm not sure if it was all the balloon or the fact that he thought he could see another dog in the reflection of the balloon, but it looked like it was driving him nuts trying to work out where this other dog was.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Uglyworld #823 - Pizza Pringles (279-365)

Project 365 - Image 279/365

Trunko couldn't believe his luck when he found some Pringles at the local supermarket in Pizza flavour.

He's never seen them before and is a little confused as to "hows the hells can they fits a whole pizzas onto each Pringles?".

Thankfully "popping" them open soon stopped him thinking about how this was possible, as he was too busy munching through the whole tube!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Uglyworld #822 - Halloween Approaches (278-365)

Project 365 - Image 278/365

With halloween approaching Ice-Bat has been having some fun with his "GID" switch lately, he'll turn all the lights off in the room, go find somewhere to hide and then after switching on his inbuilt lighting system he'll go whizzing around the room to "Ooooh's and Aaaah's" from the rest of the gang.

He's quite the showman!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Uglyworld #821 - Armin Van Babo (277-365)

Project 365 - Image 277/365

Babo was busy this evening taking some DJ'ing lessons from cousin Domo who brought his mixing decks along with him when he came to visit.

Babo is already referring to himself as "Armin Van Babo", after his favourite DJ, Armin Van Buuren who's A State Of Trance radio show he listens to every week on Digitally Imported Radio.

"I will asks Armin if I can plays at one of his future shows, I is sure he will says yes!", he told Domo as his lesson for this evening was coming to an end. Domo reckons Babo has as good a chance as any, as his skill level is improving rapidly.

Uglyworld #820 - Sands In My Face (276-365)

Project 365 - Image 276/365

Uglyworm did his best to stand and pose in the sand at Oysterville Beach while gusts of wind seemed to come out of nowhere in an attempt to make the little guy close his eye or have to turn away from the grains of sand which battered against him as he tried his best to stand like a statue for this photo.

"Argh, I gets sands in my face, takes the photo quicklies please, now I knows whats it must feels like to be sand-blasteds", he shouted over to me, laughing as he did so.

Uglyworld #819 - Turtle Loves The Pacific Ocean

For his final photograph at the Pacific Ocean Turtle chose to stand on a stone seat which offered amazing views out onto the cold waters that stretched off into the horizon.

"I has really enjoyed my times and travels here in the Pacifics North Wests, I just loves standings and watchings the waves on the Pacifics Ocean, and looks forward to seeing where we can goes visit next".

If only Turtle knew that Mireille has plans to keep us all under lock and key for a while when we return to Aachen next weekend I think he'd have stifled the second part of his sentence ;)

Uglyworld #817 - Turtle at Dead Man's Cove

Turtle loved the fact that prior to our arrival on the sands of Dead Man's Cove there was not a single footprint to be found in the sand, it lay untouched since the last time the tide left the sand behind.

"This is likes a magical beach, obviouslies is not easies to gets down to the beach, but when you makes the efforts is definitely worths it!" he said to me while he tip-toe'd around the sandy beach.

Uglyworld #816 - Turtle at Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Turtle promised the editor of Turtle Time Magazine back on Uglyworld that he would be supplying several new photographs from his travels this weekend (as always his photo's are accompanied by his amazing stories).

In other news:-

I'm currently in talks with the management team of Turtle Time Magazine to bring you all online copies of the magazine including the photography that I shoot of Turtle out on his adventures, stay tuned as I hope to have the deal signed and sealed in the next few weeks.

Uglyworld #815 - Ox at Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Ox was very impressed by not only the views which were afforded from the cliff that Cape Disappointment Lighthouse was situated on, but by the lighthouse itself which he told me "looks awesomes againsts the blue skies and green grasses" which surrounded it.

Uglyworld #814 - "It's This Bigs"

Just as I was about to take Babo's picture on one of the many piers at Astoria, Cinko shouted "How bigs is the fish?" to Babo, who immediately resorted to doing his "Big fish, little fish, cardboard box" dance while shouting back in Cinko's direction, "It's this bigs!".

The sense of humour the little guys possess can be hilarious at times.

Uglyworld #813 - Nougatocity

Uglyworm was starving as we sat watching small boats and large ships pass along by the coastal town of Astoria, so much so that he decided he needed a snack to keep him going.

"I has no ideas what the womans behind the counters gives me, I asks for Snickers and she gived me somethings called Nougatocity saying was the same things!".

Poor little guy, he was totally confused until he bit into the bar of choccy and realised it WAS a Snickers.

Uglyworld #812 - "Is You Not Comings?"

As Poe reached the third spiral of the long winding staircase which led to the top of the Astoria Column he suddenly realised that I wasn't following behind him, causing him to stop and ask, "Is you not comings?".

The little guy seemed to have forgotten that heights aren't my strongest point, so after I shook my head he continued on up the stairs to check out the scenery from up on high.

Uglyworld #811 - "I'm Going Ups Here"

Poe stood on the map casting which showed the position of Astoria in relation to the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean and announced "I'm going ups here" while standing atop of the hillside which the Astoria Column stood on.

Uglyworld #810 - Turtle At The Column

Turtle posed for his picture to be taken at the Astoria Column for a future edition of Turtle Time Magazine.

Uglyworld #809 - "I Can See's Further With This"

Poe was a little concerned that he would miss out on some of the sights which lay around the Astoria Column, so he decided that it would be best to use one of the telescopic viewing machines which are to be found at the edge of the car park.

Uglyworld #808 - Hood Ornament

Turtle loves to do his impressions of hood ornaments on cars and trucks, so much so that it's started to become normality for him to run off and find a willing car or truck to stand perfectly still on and wait for everyone else to find him.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Uglyworld #807 - A Fires Engine

On Saturday morning Cinko got the chance to come face to face with an old fire engine, something that got him so excited that I've was unable to calm him down all day!

All I kept hearing was "I was on a fires engine!!!" over and over and over and over...

Just look at that totally excited smile on the little guy!!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Uglyworld #806 - A Goblins Favourite Tipple (275-365)

Project 365 - Image 275/365

There's no point in trying to deny it, Babo knows that all of you have spent at least one (if not many) sleepless nights lying in bed thinking to yourself, "What is a goblins favourite tipple?".

Thanks in no small part to our resident friendly goblin, Gordon, I'm able to finally answer that mysterious question.

"Fat Tires is the bestest, is just perfects for the bellies of goblins, great tastes and we gets no hangovers froms it eithers!".

There you go, looks like we've a proper old Saturday Scoop there...!!!

(You guys do realise that I've managed to make over 80 different shots so far in this tiny little hotel room I've been staying at in Oregon? No mean feat let me tell about stifling any attempt at being creative!)