Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Uglyworld #881 - We Must Thinks Of Somethings (335-365)

Project 365 - Image 335/365 (only 31 more days to go)

This evening Ice-Bat and Turtle (Tom) met to discuss the ongoing situation that Wage was currently in.

Ice-Bat asked Turtle, "You is a famous explorers, surelies you has hads to deals with peoples in hibernationisms before?".

"Unfortunatlies, nopes Icy", Turtle replied to the little guy who grew more disappointed at the answer he received.

Suddenly a spark of inspiration flew into Turtle's head as he exclaimed, "We musts speaks to the oracles!". Icy was a little confused and asked, "Oracles, whats or whos are they?".

"Babo!", shouted Turtle and made his way to the phone to try and seek the advice of his compadre who's keeping Mireille company (and all the other little guys in check) back in Aachen...

Uglyworld #880 - Sleeping It Off (334-365)

Project 365 - Image 334/365

After Wage stood at the window looking out at the almost constant rainy weather he plodded off in the direction of the bed, that in itself isn't such a strange phenomemon until you realise that was two days ago now!!!

Ice-Bat informed me tonight, "Sometimes us Uglies goes into hibernationisms, I thinks thats what you humans call it, when you sleeps for a longs time".

I just hope it's a mini-hibernation as I don't fancy having to carry a snoring Wage through immigration and customs later this week...

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Uglyworld #879 - Candy Canes (333-365)

Project 365 - Image 333/365

Ice-Bat was determined to try and bring Wage out of his funk, and managed to score some candy canes to help too.

"When Wage see's these candies canes he will wonders what they is at firsts, then when he tasties them he will forgets the rains and bad weathers outside, is a masterplans that babo would be prouds of!", ice-bat explained to the rest of us this evening.

I just hope his plan works...

Uglyworld #878 - Rainy Days (332-365)

Project 365 - Image 322/365

Those of you who either follow Wage's adventures online or have been lucky enough to meet him in person will be more than aware that the little guy from Uglyworld is always bursting with fun and madness.

This morning however there's been a distinct lack of fun and madness in him, as he's just stood at the hotel room window looking out to the pouring rain and cold misty weather outside.

"Why is its that when Cinko was heres he gots to sees loads of coolers things, and when I is heres all I sees is rains and clouds and greys and mists, is not fairs!", he grumbled to me when I asked him if he was ok, without taking his eyes away from the window for a second.

"I misses homes now, can we goes homes please, I needs pancakes from Mireille and madnesses with Babo and my other friends", he added before plodding over to the bed and tucking himself in for a snooze.

Hopefully he'll be back to his normal self again soon, and fingers crossed by this time next week we'll be back home in Aachen too.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Uglyworld #877 - Insight Into A Turtle's Mind (331-365)

Project 365 - Image 331/365

There's no point denying it, I and everyone else knows that there's been many a night where you find yourself lying in bed unable to drift off to sleep and asking yourself the question, "What exactly do Turtles think and talk about all day".

Thanks to the wonders of a hidden Uglycam(TM) which Wage found on Uglybay recently we were able to find out the answer to that question once and for all.

Tim and Tam had been wandering off most days to a quiet corner of the room which was painted green on one wall and a pale hint of yellow on the other, so Wage placed the Uglycam(TM) behind a notepad and pen which lay on the desktop nearby in the hope we would catch a completely unscripted conversation between the two Turtles.

It didn't take long before the hidden camera started producing the goods, as it caught the pair arguing over whether "yellows" or "greens" is the best colour, so much so that they decided to swap positions and stand against the opposite colour of the wall for a while to see how it felt.

It was hard for Wage to keep his laughs stifled as he listened in to their conversation, to which he added, "Ha ha's, Turtles is so simples, and everyone knows Oranges is the bestest colour!!!"

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Uglyworld #876 - Thanksgiving Cake (330-365)

Project 365 - Image 330/365

With it being the first time the little guys have spent Thanksgiving in America they were afraid that everywhere would be closed. So before I went off to work this morning Wage promised to check out if any of the local restaurants were open on Thanksgiving evening to allow us to head out for dinner.

Thankfully Wage found out from one of the other hotel guests that Shari's was open this evening, so as soon as I arrived back after work Wage, Ice-Bat, Dave and the Turtles were already standing waiting to head out for dinner.

I found out once we arrived in the restaurant why Wage was so excited, "They has lots of pies and cakes, and I likes pies and cakes, reallies, pies and cakes rocks, you hears me?".

Ice-Bat couldn't stop giggling at Wage's reply when the waitress asked what he would like to eat, "Pies and cakes, or cakes and pies, as longs as there's cakes and pies then I is happy".

As soon as the waitress confirmed that there were still plenty of pies and cakes left Wage let out a loud "Wooohoooo" to the amusement of some of the other restaurant guests and then he finally calmed down a little.

Not content with a big slice of Apple Pie in the restaurant Wage also picked up a "to goes" box for a slice of Sophomores Galore cake which he promptly demolished once back in the hotel.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Uglyworld #875 - Thanks For Givings (329-365)

Project 365 - Image 329/365

When I arrived back to the hotel this evening Ice-Bat was off on one again about presents and people coming to visit the room while I was working late, so much so that I was expecting to find Wage with another "funny" lined up for me.

It wasn't until Dave shouted for me to come see his "spoils" which he said had been left by the owner of the hotel for us all to share for being stuck here over thanksgiving.

As I'll be working right through the holiday the gang were happy to hear that I was letting them divvy out the spoils between them all...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Uglyworld #874 - Rides On Dimes (328-365)

Project 365 -Image 328/365

One of Ice-Bat's favourite songs is the old dance hit "Ride on Time" by Black Box.

Tonight however he was watching the dancing with the stars finale on TV and came up with a new version of the song which he entitled, "Rides on Dimes" which featured a slightly reworked set of lyrics to accompany him jingling around on top of two towers of 10 cent coins.

The number of 'ugly' laughs in the hotel room this week have been great, and with the christmas holidays coming up soon it looks like it's going to be a fun-filled festive period for us all!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Uglyworld #873 - You Gets A Present! (327-365)

Project 365 - Image 327/365

After Wage's hissy-fit about us having to stay in Oregon at least an extra 10 days or more due to my work taking longer than expected I really didn't know what to expect when I returned to the hotel this evening.

"Well, hello's there!", Wage said as I entered the hotel room, "A visitor was heres today and leaves you something". I was more than a little puzzled as to why there would have been someone visiting the hotel room at all as (1) We don't know anyone here, (2) It's a hotel room and (3) It's too cold for random door-to-door knockers at the moment. Needless to say I had to continue with whatever charade Wage was unfolding in front of me...

"OK Wage, who visited", I asked Wage who replied, "Ahhh, that woulds be tellings, but you gets a present!".

The thought of a strange visitor arriving at the hotel is one thing, but the same strange visitor leaving me a present too was too intriguing to ignore, "OK, where's my present?" I asked Wage.

"Here's it is!", he replied while holding out a red sack which had "Santa's Coal Bubble Gum" written on it. Amidst all of Wage's laughter he explained, "Ha ha ha, when you is bads all you gets is coals from Santa, so you has been bads, ha ha ha".

I must admit the little guy has a great sense of humour at times, and we shared the bubble gum and laughed about the funny side of the bad mood he was in yesterday...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Uglyworld #872 - "Explains This!!!" (326-365)

Project 365 - Image 326/365

Wage was waiting on me this evening when I returned from work, "I thinks we needs to talks, takes a seat!".

I had no idea what this was about but decided to play along with Wage's request, mainly as he looked quite angry about something.

No sooner had I sat down, Wage had produced my phone from his apron and promptly looked at the open page in the calendar which read "Arrive home in Aachen (DUS airport)", and gave it his undivided attention before adding, "Explains this!!!".

I can only assume Wage was too busy reading his book on my eReader when I told him earlier in the week that we'd be staying here for an extra couple of weeks.

To say I'm currently in his bad books is an extreme understatement, he's currently wandering around the hotel room slamming doors, and muttering such oddities as "Flippin' hecks" and "Babo wouldn't lets this happens!".

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Uglyworld #871 - The In-Sink-Erator (325-365)

Project 365 - Image 325/365

Tim and Tam were fascinated with the fact that there was something called an "in-sink-erator" in the kitchen sink of the hotel.

After Tom showed up to explain what the device was used for the two newcomers starting giggling away to themselves and then began discussions about what they could try to throw down it.

"Is likes the rooms in Star Wars where the walls moves, I prefers to stands outsides and throws stuffs in ha ha's", said Tam...

Friday, 19 November 2010

Uglyworld #870 - Hot 'N' Ugly (324-365)

Project 365 - Image 324/365

Friday is always Wage's favourite day of the week, as he normally orders himself a delivery pizza...and this week he even managed to find a pizza shop called Hot 'N' Ugly!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Uglyworld #869 - Sleepy Hollows (323-365)

Project 365 - Image 323/365

When Icy heard I was heading to Cornelius Pass Roadhouse for dinner tonight he asked if he could tag along and check the place out for himself.

It turns out Babo had noticed somewhere on the internet that the McMenamins Brothers had a seasonal Ale on tap called Sleepy Hollow and he thought it would be right up Ice-Bat's wing...how right Babo was!

Uglyworld #868 - Fire Lane Flashback

While shooting the latest shot for my 365 project this evening I discovered a shot on my compact camera from back in May this year when Babo was over in Oregon with me for the first time.

He was interested why the kerb had "Fire Lane" spray-painted on it but there was no sign of the lane actually being on fire, quite puzzling for the little guys!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Uglyworld #867 - Long Lives The King (322-365)

Project 365 - Image 322/365

You may recall recently that Ice-Bat took a phone call that had him acting very secretive afterwards, which left everyone wondering what the call was all about.

Today we finally found out the reason behind the phone call, as Babo (who's still back in Aachen, Germany) was contacted by the security supervisor to the Royal family back on Uglyworld.

It turns out that the King had found himself reading a copy of Turtle Time Magazine which contained the first story from Tom who's been living with myseld and Mireille for the last year or so now.

The King was so amazed at the story of how one of his fellow Turtles had taken it upon himself to head out to the strange blue and green planet known to it's inhabitants as Earth and explore it, whilst reporting back on it all through the magazine.

To say Tom, Tim and Tam were shocked when the hotel room was suddenly searched by a team of "secrets securities" turtles would be an understatement and a half, but as they shouted "Alls clears!" back outside and the King walked in things suddenly made sense.

All 3 of the little guys immediately dropped to their bellies and chanted, "Long lives the King" until they were ushered to their feet and into the living room where the King, Tim and Tam listened intently to Tom's tales of great journeys and adventures from this strange planet they now found themselves on.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Uglyworld #866 - Two Thumbs Up (321-365)

Project 365 - Image 321/365

Wage was totally excited to get his hands on the new DJ mix by Armin Van Babo, so much so that he announced that it was worth at least two massive thumbs up, and later added that it would have been three if he had a third thumb!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Uglyworld #865 - "THIRTEEN!!!" (320-365)

Project 365 - Image 320/365

Tim who's one of the two new turtles who arrived recently has developed a strange and slightly annoying habit, which Wage has decided to call "Countitis".

The easiest way to describe what "Countitis" does to an individual is to show you via this photograph.

Here you can see Tim standing in front of the alarm clock in the hotel room, and every time one of the numbers change he screams the number out at the top of his lungs, so loud in fact that I'm beginning to wonder if it's a strange form or Tourettes Syndrome.

It was hilarious at first until we all realised he wasn't doing it for a laugh, and was addicted to the clock!!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Uglyworld #864 - Taking Things "Loo" Far (319-365)

Project 365 - Image 319/365

After leaving the pot boiling away on the stove too long yesterday and getting a verbal ear bashing from me, I went looking for by eReader today to read something myself and found it missing.

If it hadn't been for hearing giggling coming from the bathroom I wouldn't even have thought about looking in there for it, and low and behold when I opened the door I found Wage lets just say "busy" and my eReader in front of him with his apron draped over it's top corner.

"Oi's, whats the hells, I is busies here, gets outs" Wage yelled at the sight of me at the bathroom door with the camera.

Just wait till he gets out of the bathroom, I think someone needs a lesson in hygeine, especially when it involves my stuff...!!!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Uglyworld #863 - I Can't Puts It Down (318-365)

Project 365 - Image 318/365

In the last couple of days Wage has been hogging my Sony eReader, everywhere he goes he's been taking it with him, I only just stopped him from taking it into the shower with him too!

He recently saw the film The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy on TV and wanted to read some more of the crazy adventures that the author Douglas Adams has written.

He managed to read the book "Starship Titanic" in less than a day, and while making dinner he announced to everyone that he was about to start reading another Douglas Adams novel called "Last Chance To See".

I just hope remembers how long the pot has to stay on the stove...

Friday, 12 November 2010

Uglyworld #862 - Mum's The Word (317-365)

Project 365 - Image 317/365

Earlier this evening Ice-Bat answered the hotel room phone and seemed to be listening intently to whoever was on the other end of the phone.

The rest of us were lying on the couch watching TV and could only hear, "Yes sirs, I understands, yes sirs, perfectlies understoods sirs".

Once the phone had been hung up Icy went on as though nothing had happened, let alone a strange phonecall.

Wage asked him what the call was all about to which Icy replied, "Nothings". Wage however wasn't going to give up easily and after a few hours of mind games Icy decided that he could tell Wage the secret if he promised to keep it "mums" but that no-one else could know.

To say Wage was excited at whatever this big secret is would be quite an understatement, but due to Icy whispering below the limits of human hearing I guess the rest of us will just have to wait and see...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Uglyworld #861 - A Turtle Treat (316-365)

Project 365 - Image 316/365

Wage seemed to get a little carried away making cookies last night, he keeps trying to say that he kept getting asked to make more for some of his online friends, but I'm just not sure.

To save the huge pile of candy covered cookies from going to waste a certain trio of Turtles decided to take full advantage of them, and there appeared to be someone else interested in tucking into them too!

Uglyworld #860 - Cookie? (315-365)

Project 365 - Image 315/365

Wage was baking some cookies this evening and had a few left over, any takers?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Uglyworld #859 - "Ha Ha Ha, Nerds!" (314-365)

Project 365 - Image 314/365

When Dave returned from the local supermarket tonight he didn't quite expect that when he unpacked his shopping that it would leave Ice-Bat rolling around on the couch in absolute fits of laughter.

"Waaaaaa-ha's, nerds, ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!", screamed Ice-Bat while trying to keep air coming in at the same time. Dave didn't quite know what to make of the little guys immense show of mirth, until Wage explained to him that the word Nerd can mean something completely different.

"Buts I liked the way nerds tastes!", Dave replied to Wage which set Icy off on another fit of laughter.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Uglyworld #858 - Tour of Dew-ty (313-365)

Project 365 - Image 313/365

Thankfully with Wage's assistance yesterday Turtle was back on form today, and just in time too what with the arrival of the two "trainee travellers" who arrived from Uglyworld at the weekend courtesy of Turtle Time Magazine.

It was quite funny watching the trio get acquainted especially as I finally learned what everyone's favourite turtle's real name was, I'd best jot down some of their conversation to make it easier...

Turtle - "Hi guys, welcomes to Earth, and I hopes you will enjoys your times here with me and the other guys I lives with. Everyone knows me here's as Turtle, but I thinks we must use our real names now, so we don't confuses everyones, so my name is Tom".

"Tam", replied the yellow newcomer, followed by "Tim" who rounded off the trio of names.

Tom (as he now likes to be called) then took the guys on a quick tour of the hotel, with the tour finishing off at the fridge where he stood in front of a huge 36-can pack of Mountain Dew.

"This is a very importants thing to knows, when you is needing somethings to not only quenches your thirsts, but alsos to wakes you up, I always goes for a can of Mountain Dews".

Tam interrupted, "But it says Mtn, nots Mountain!". Tom replied, "Don't worries, is justs one of the many funny things you will finds that the humans does".

With a lttle giggle from the three of them tonights tour was over so they all settled down with a can of Mountain Dew to watch some TV.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Uglyworld #857 - Turtle's Tickly Cough (312-365)

Project 365 - Image 312/365

Since we arrived back out in Oregon it's pretty much rained every single day, which has taken it's toll on Turtle who has developed what he and the others are referring to as "Oregon Flu's".

Thankfully with Wage around I can be sure that Turtle can't miss out on taking his medicine to help clear up his tickly cough.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Uglyworld #856 - Telescopic Tendencies (311-365)

Project 365 - Image 311/365

Picture the scene, Ice-Bat wants to look through his telescope at the stars in the night sky, he takes his time checking out the co-ordinates of some stars and planets on the internet and then works out where they would be located high above.

After all the pre-planning work has been done he moves in front of the viewfinder and begins to imagine what he's going to see tonight, and then....

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage", screams Icy at Wage who's once again thwarted Ice-Bat's star-gazing fun as he decided that it would be more fun to look into the telescope the wrong way round and freak Icy out!

"Ha ha's, always works", Wage chuckled as he wandered off in the direction of the fridge.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Uglyworld #855 - Adventure Idol (310-365)

Project 365 - Image 310/365

Ever since Turtle's first adventure was published over at Turtle Time Magazine on Uglyworld he's now receiving mail and phone calls galore from fellow turtles who have aspirations to one day be able to travel around the universe too.

Turtle suggested to the editor of the magazine that they should maybe find two suitable turtles that he could take on some adventures with him in the future so that he can "shows them the ropes".

As Turtle went for a wander around the neighbourhood he was oblivious to the 2 sets of eyes watching him through another hotel room window.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Uglyworld #854 - Dave's Olivia (309-365)

Project 365 - Image 309/365

Cousin Dave arrived today from California and immediately started telling Wage that he had a famous sister who he kept referring to as "His Olivia".

It wasn't until an advert came on TV for Fringe this evening that who this mysterious Olivia was became apparent.

Dave told Wage that Olivia is his sister and that his full name is Dave Dunham.

I'm looking forward to hearing more of Dave's stories in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Uglyworld #853 - Fancies A Slice? (308-365)

Project 365 - Image 308/365

A surprise awaited me when I opened the door of the hotel room tonight as Wage told me to close my eyes and follow him to the couch where he sat me down and said, "No peekings ok, keeps your eyes closeds!".

A few seconds later he shouted, "Opens your eyes....fancies a slice?" while pointing towards a pizza which now lay in front of me.

One minute he's a mindless zombie, the next he's treating me to pizza, life's never dull around Wage that's for sure!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Uglyworld #852 - Practices Makes Perfects (307-365)

Project 365 - Image 307/365

Turtle was starting to realise that this whole skateboarding lard that Ice-Bat had talked him into wasn't quite as easy as it looked, especially when he had to try and co-ordinate his tail to keep his balance, which is a hard enough task to undertake for a travelling turtle at the best of times, never mind while standing on a skateboard!

Everytime Turtle would end up on his backside, Ice-Bat would yell at him to get back on his feet and try again with his phrase of the day being repeated over and over and over and over.

"Practices Makes Perfects!".

Monday, 1 November 2010

Uglyworld #851 - Spoiled For Choice (306-365)

Project 365 - Image 306/365

Ice-Bat was completely spoiled for choice in the freezer department of the local supermarket tonight, so much so that he tried his best to convince me to take both of these tubs back to the hotel with us.

Uglyworld #850 - Cereal Killer (305-365)

Project 365 - Image 305/365

Last night when I returned back to the hotel room I could hear Wage was still in his zombie-like trance and was smashing the room up good and proper, so I decided that it was time to use the Bat-Phone, or should that be the Babo-Phone.

Thankfully Babo didn't mind too much about being woken up in the middle of the night back in Aachen, thankfully he managed to answer it on the first ring and thus prevent the noise waking Mireille up (as then there WOULD be hell to pay).

After I had explained the situation to Babo he took a second or two to think about how I could proceed and then in his normal awe-inspiring logical way he replied, "Okays, this is a strange phenomenons that I has never seens before personallies, buts from whats I understands as the infected persons is acting likes a derangeds killer then we has only one options - the counter-agents to the madnesses, Corn Pops, they is the best "Cereal Killer" of them alls".

I thanked Babo for his awesome help (as always) and asked him to cuddle into Mireille for me before hanging up the phone. I then quickly drove to the local supermarket to acquire some Corn Pops to test out Babo's theory.

Upon returned to the room the noise of demolition coming from inside was beginning to disturb the guests in the nearby rooms, and they looked at me strangely as I opened the door just enough and threw the box of Corn Pops inside. After around 10 minutes the noise died away to silence and I slowly slid myself in through the door to find Wage completely normal standing beside the box of cereal.

"Hi Baz, fancies some cereals?", he asked upon hearing my footsteps...panic over, and yes I did sit down and have a bowl of cereal with the little guy who had no recollection at all of the events which had transpired.