Monday, 8 November 2010

Uglyworld #858 - Tour of Dew-ty (313-365)

Project 365 - Image 313/365

Thankfully with Wage's assistance yesterday Turtle was back on form today, and just in time too what with the arrival of the two "trainee travellers" who arrived from Uglyworld at the weekend courtesy of Turtle Time Magazine.

It was quite funny watching the trio get acquainted especially as I finally learned what everyone's favourite turtle's real name was, I'd best jot down some of their conversation to make it easier...

Turtle - "Hi guys, welcomes to Earth, and I hopes you will enjoys your times here with me and the other guys I lives with. Everyone knows me here's as Turtle, but I thinks we must use our real names now, so we don't confuses everyones, so my name is Tom".

"Tam", replied the yellow newcomer, followed by "Tim" who rounded off the trio of names.

Tom (as he now likes to be called) then took the guys on a quick tour of the hotel, with the tour finishing off at the fridge where he stood in front of a huge 36-can pack of Mountain Dew.

"This is a very importants thing to knows, when you is needing somethings to not only quenches your thirsts, but alsos to wakes you up, I always goes for a can of Mountain Dews".

Tam interrupted, "But it says Mtn, nots Mountain!". Tom replied, "Don't worries, is justs one of the many funny things you will finds that the humans does".

With a lttle giggle from the three of them tonights tour was over so they all settled down with a can of Mountain Dew to watch some TV.

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