Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Uglyworld #867 - Long Lives The King (322-365)

Project 365 - Image 322/365

You may recall recently that Ice-Bat took a phone call that had him acting very secretive afterwards, which left everyone wondering what the call was all about.

Today we finally found out the reason behind the phone call, as Babo (who's still back in Aachen, Germany) was contacted by the security supervisor to the Royal family back on Uglyworld.

It turns out that the King had found himself reading a copy of Turtle Time Magazine which contained the first story from Tom who's been living with myseld and Mireille for the last year or so now.

The King was so amazed at the story of how one of his fellow Turtles had taken it upon himself to head out to the strange blue and green planet known to it's inhabitants as Earth and explore it, whilst reporting back on it all through the magazine.

To say Tom, Tim and Tam were shocked when the hotel room was suddenly searched by a team of "secrets securities" turtles would be an understatement and a half, but as they shouted "Alls clears!" back outside and the King walked in things suddenly made sense.

All 3 of the little guys immediately dropped to their bellies and chanted, "Long lives the King" until they were ushered to their feet and into the living room where the King, Tim and Tam listened intently to Tom's tales of great journeys and adventures from this strange planet they now found themselves on.

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