Monday, 22 November 2010

Uglyworld #873 - You Gets A Present! (327-365)

Project 365 - Image 327/365

After Wage's hissy-fit about us having to stay in Oregon at least an extra 10 days or more due to my work taking longer than expected I really didn't know what to expect when I returned to the hotel this evening.

"Well, hello's there!", Wage said as I entered the hotel room, "A visitor was heres today and leaves you something". I was more than a little puzzled as to why there would have been someone visiting the hotel room at all as (1) We don't know anyone here, (2) It's a hotel room and (3) It's too cold for random door-to-door knockers at the moment. Needless to say I had to continue with whatever charade Wage was unfolding in front of me...

"OK Wage, who visited", I asked Wage who replied, "Ahhh, that woulds be tellings, but you gets a present!".

The thought of a strange visitor arriving at the hotel is one thing, but the same strange visitor leaving me a present too was too intriguing to ignore, "OK, where's my present?" I asked Wage.

"Here's it is!", he replied while holding out a red sack which had "Santa's Coal Bubble Gum" written on it. Amidst all of Wage's laughter he explained, "Ha ha ha, when you is bads all you gets is coals from Santa, so you has been bads, ha ha ha".

I must admit the little guy has a great sense of humour at times, and we shared the bubble gum and laughed about the funny side of the bad mood he was in yesterday...

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