Thursday, 25 November 2010

Uglyworld #876 - Thanksgiving Cake (330-365)

Project 365 - Image 330/365

With it being the first time the little guys have spent Thanksgiving in America they were afraid that everywhere would be closed. So before I went off to work this morning Wage promised to check out if any of the local restaurants were open on Thanksgiving evening to allow us to head out for dinner.

Thankfully Wage found out from one of the other hotel guests that Shari's was open this evening, so as soon as I arrived back after work Wage, Ice-Bat, Dave and the Turtles were already standing waiting to head out for dinner.

I found out once we arrived in the restaurant why Wage was so excited, "They has lots of pies and cakes, and I likes pies and cakes, reallies, pies and cakes rocks, you hears me?".

Ice-Bat couldn't stop giggling at Wage's reply when the waitress asked what he would like to eat, "Pies and cakes, or cakes and pies, as longs as there's cakes and pies then I is happy".

As soon as the waitress confirmed that there were still plenty of pies and cakes left Wage let out a loud "Wooohoooo" to the amusement of some of the other restaurant guests and then he finally calmed down a little.

Not content with a big slice of Apple Pie in the restaurant Wage also picked up a "to goes" box for a slice of Sophomores Galore cake which he promptly demolished once back in the hotel.

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