Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Uglyworld #894 - The Traveller Continues (348-365)

Project 365 - Image 348/365

With Babo having now been travelling for several days Wage decided to put the word out on the internet that if anyone was to spot the little guy on his way to the North Pole that they should try to get a photograph of him (as much to keep Wage happy that Babo's ok than anything else).

Thankfully a friendly family of Polar Bears in Svalbard (a small Norwegian island which lies on the edge of the Artic cirle) was lucky enough to not only find out request on the internet, but also to capture a picture of the little guy in full stride.

They shouted over to Babo to find out if he needed something hot to eat or drink, but he replied "Is okays, thanks kindlies, I hads a fulls breaksfast this mornings and musts gets to the Norths pole quicklies".

With a wave of his hand Babo said his thankful goodbyes and continued on his way towards Santa's workshop at the North Pole.

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