Friday, 17 December 2010

Uglyworld #897 - Reindeer Tracker (351-365)

Project 365 - Image 351/365

This morning Jeero was out in the garden playing when he found some tracks in the snow. After comparing the size of his own feet (several times) he finally decided that they had to be from some kind of animal and so he decided to follow them.

After a couple of miles he finally noticed that there was a reindeer up ahead eating some fruit that a farmer had left out, and that the tracks appeared to lead right to the reindeer.

"What woulds Babo tells me to do, hmmm", he pondered for a minute or two and then all of a sudden he had his first ever brainwave, "I must makes very very slows movement, so I doesn't scares the reindeer aways, if I don't threatens of scares it maybe it lets me says hello".

Slowly but surely Jeero shuffled his way through the snow trying in his own special way to be "statues-likes" until he stood only a short distance from the reindeer who by now was watching him very, very closely.

Jeero outstretched his hand and continued to stand perfectly still, and soon the reindeer came over to say hello, and let Jeero pet it's fur. As he did so the thought came into his head, "Man!!! When I gets back and tells the others they will not believes me and thinks that I is just makings it up!".

Poor Jeero...sometimes not being the smartest cookie in the cookie jar has it's down sides even when he does tell the truth!

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