Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Uglyworld #901 - Lost And Found (355-365)

Project 365 - Image 355/365

This morning after seeing that there was a lot of fresh snowfall during the night Cinko wrapped himself up in his jacket and went outside shouting, "I is offs outsides to plays in the snows, I will be backs for lunches time okays".

When lunchtime rolled around and Cinko was nowhere to be seen Tray put on her winter woolies and after adding a flask of hot tea to her bag out she went in search of Cinko.

After scouring the entire village she finally found him standing, shivering, chittering, all the while staring skyward towards a large cloud which approached.

"I thinks we gets more snows soons Tray, does you knows the ways home?". Thankfully Tray was able to retrace her steps with the frozen little guy in tow, and they're now enjoying their lunch in the heat of the house.

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