Monday, 31 January 2011

Uglyworld #961 - Krapfen (Project BIG - 31-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 31/365

For those of yous who has knowns me for quites a while you will alreadies know that I is quites partial to a tasties snack which is calleds a Berliner.

If you doesn't alreadies know abouts this or evens not abouts Berliners then I finds it easiest to explains them as beings a doughnut filleds with some kinds of jammies or marmaladers.

Since I has been in Bavarias now for almosts 3 weeks I has been cravings for a Berliner likes crazy, and no matters how much I searchers through menus from locals bakeries I just couldn't finders them anywheres!

Just when I was abouts to gives up all hopes of findings one, I spotteds a locals man with what I could tells straight aways was a Berliner, so I askeds him where he finded it hiding!

He pointeds to a locals bakery, so I goes along and I couldn't believes my eyes when I coulds see about seventies Berliners pileds high on tops of one anothers!

As I was abouts to orders one I realisers what my mistakes was, it appearings that they is not calleds by the sames name here in Bavarias, they is calleds Krapfen here!

Seretlies I thinks that they calls them this as they doesn't wants to talks abouts Berlin downs here as they has their own cools city too...!!!

Uglyworld #960 - Fish Fountains

Just when I thought I had seens it all I discovers what is knowns locallies as "the fish fountain", because numbers 1 it is a fountains, and numbers 2 it has a bigs fish on tops!

The things which surprises me the mosts was the colours of the water, I even begins to wonders if it coulds be Mountain Dew, but Baz wouldn'ts sample the waters even though I tries to persuades him, he kept sayings it was probablies anti-freeze to stops the fountains from icings up in the freezing colds weathers!

Uglyworld #959 - Shopping For Bokehs

When I firsts walks intos this little shoppings centre I first sees alls of the vines hangings from the roof and automaticallies was waitings on Yoya swinging downs from one with some bananas in his grasps.

Only when I standed at the ends and looks down I works out that the shoppings centre must also sells bokeh's as there was manys of them up aboves my head too!

I also makes Baz stops here for lunchers, as they hads one of cools places called Vapiano which does awesomes pastas and pizzas.

Uglyworld #958 - Moderns Art

Totoro wanted to take me past some of his favourite places in the city too, including this one which was a littles like what I knows as "Moderns Art".

The big wickers figure behind reminders me of the funny Russians dolls which all hides insides each others...

Uglyworld #957 - Must Holds On Tights

While Baz was takings photos of the awesomes spirals staircase yesterday I had a go at lookings over the edge, all the times tellings myself "must holds on tights" otherwiser I could falls.

Uglyworld #956 - München (Project BIG - 30-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 30/365

Hi everyones, afters the extremelies long day we has yesterdays drivings from Landshut in Bavaria to Prague and backs, I decideds that today we would takes it a little more easilies.

Totora had been tellings me about all kinds of cool buildings and places that can be founds in Munich, as is where he is livings since he leaves Japan long times ago, so I decideds that today I woulds go explores there as is unders an hour aways from my hotels.

The awesomes building you can sees behind me is the town halls, or Rathaus as they is calleds in Germanies, and I was perfectlies timed to arrives at noons when lots of cools music and figures goes mentals whiles the square is fulls of touristers.

The square was so busies that I was advisered by Toto to waits until they all leaves before gettings this photo takens, just incase peoples doesn't sees me and tramplers on me!

I instructers Baz on many photos to makes todays too of undergrounds stations as wells as cool places & buildings, so hopefullies he will be ables to gets them onlines soon too...

Uglyworld #955 - Toto's Secret Cookie Stash

Yesterdays when I visits Prague, I wasn'ts just there on my owns as Totoro decideds that he wanteds to sees the city too.

We both knowed it was goings to be freezings cold so we dresseds ourselves up in our warms gear in advances, I hads my matchings jumper and hat with my rains jacket (completes with thermals lining) and Totoro wore his favourites fur coat and specials headband which he said "looks cool and keeps my head warm too).

We is standings way ups high on one of the hills which surrounders the city here, and in the backgrounds you can hopefully sees the outliner of Charles Bridge which is fulls of people wanting to draws you and sells you stuff, I thinks there was more peoples on the bridge than I has finded in the whole city!

Toto was nice enough to brings along his "secret stash" package (which I must says he holds on to very tightlies), and insides this he had lots of awesomes cookies for us to munch on all day.

I hads a great time explorings the city of Prague, and hopefullies will get to go backs there sometimes in warmer weathers!

Uglyworld #954 - Pragues Coffee (Project BIG - 29-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 29/365

Today I visiteds the Europeans city of Pragues, and boy believes me when I tells you that I has never seens so many spires on tops of buildings as I did's today!

We walkeds around so much in freezerising cold temperatures that in the middles of the afternoon I hads to calls a times out until I could gets myself a refreshings coffee.

Thankfullies I manageds to finds not onlies of coffees shop, but also one which did ugly sizes cups too, awesomes!

We is only justs home now afters a mega longs day, so hopefullies I will be ables to uploads anothers photo with my friend Totoro tomorrows...

Uglyworld #953 - Prague Plannings (Project BIG - 28-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 28/365

Earliers in the week I learneds that we has to stays a little longers in Landshut and Baz had decideds that it was too much hassles to jumps on a plane homes on Fridays night and then jumps on anothers one on Mondays morning, so after I talkies with him I talks him into stayings the weekender again!

I has been extremelies busy alls week convincing him that we must goes to a place that I can says easies, but is much harders to spell, calleds Czechoslovakias, as we is stayings to close to the borders of it with Germanies.

After studyings the map for some times I decideds that we must goes and visits the capitals city calleds Prague, as it seems to have so many cools things to goes and see. I has makeds lots of notes as you can hopefully sees, I just hopes we can squeezes them alls into our trips there tomorrows...!!!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Uglyworld #952 - Showers Capper (Project BIG - 27-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 27/365

I bets you already is wonderings how I can makes sure I is always lookings my bestests for my photos projects eaches and everys day, well here is my secreters weapon, which is calleds a showers capper!

When I jumpers outs of bed and intos the showers I always makes sure I has my showers capper on to makes sure that I doesn'ts mess ups my awesomes little ears, when they gets wet they goes all curlies and everywheres so is a bigs job to keeps them unders control.

So remembers whenever you knows you musts looks awesomes for somethings that a showers capper musts be your weapons of choices!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Uglyworld #951 - Apples (Project BIG - 26-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 26-365

At presents the hotel we stays in has many positivers with only one big negativer, and that is that we has no connectors to the interweb, so you can imagines how mentals this is to me when I has to keeps in touches with Wage, Cinko and the others backs in Aachen.

I goes on abouts it so much that's the receptionister tells me she is sorries and that she will makes somethings happen for me to feels more comfortables. When I arrives backers from some shoppering in the city I finds a bowl with 2 apples insides, and I immediately thinkers of snow whites who ends up sleeperings for years dues to a cursed apple.

The receptionister tells me that the apples is goods and that I won't be lookeds after by a group of small dwarfers, but I still isn't sure if she should be believered or not, what's you think?

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Uglyworld #950 - Peek-A-Boo's (Project BIG - 25-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 25/365

At the moments there is manys friendlies of baz and mireille who is abouts to have something they calls kidlies or somethings that's sounds similars.

Baz tells me that I has to learns to plays a game which he calls "Peek-a-boo", which means that I has to hides outs of whoever else is playings sight and then jumps out and shouts "peeks-a-boo" when they leasts expecters it!

Always seems to makes people laughs, and Baz tells me that it is the bestests fun when you plays it with kidlies too as they finds it funnies on the megas scales.

As you can sees I is makings full uses of my times to practices, and after watchings an episoder of Big Bang Theory (which me and Wage finds funnies) I also learns to use the phraser "Bazinga", but I changes it to "Babonga", awesomes fun so just watches out as you may be's next!

Uglyworld #949 - Usbies (Project BIG - 24-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 24/365

You must be wonderings by now how I managers to puts a new photos online every days, well tonights I will helps to explains parts of the story.

When I has tooked a photo with Baz's cameras I has to then finds a way to makes the specials picture magics itself from the cameras to the computers. The magics I uses is containeds insides a cable mades of magic elves calleds "usbies" or as they preferreds to be known as, just USB.

These magics elves is masters of paintings and knows computers really wells too, so when you plugs one ends into the cameras they gets to sees the originals photo and then they makes an awesomes versions of it appears on the Pee-Cee which is connecteds to the others end.

Such nice helpfuls people the Usbies are!

Uglyworld #948 - Totoro, Sunset & Sylvenstein Lake

As you knows I often likes to explores new places and thingies, so after hearings from an olds friend that he would likes to joins me on my travels today I couldn'ts say no's!

If you doesn't alreadies know Totoro he is originallies famous backs in Japan, but is currentlies livings with his humans friend Andrea (or Pucki as he says she likes to be calleds).

I wanteds to gets a nice photographer done with me and Totoro today and eventuallies Baz manageds to gets this one while we was watchings the sun settings over the tops of Sylvenstein Lake which is so closes to Austria that you can almosts reaches out and touches it.

I musts says thanks to Totoro for the companies today, as he can speaks the local lingos much betters than me so is invaluables to haves around in such places...!!!

Uglyworld #947 - Neuschwanstein Castle (Project BIG - 23-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 23/365

Todays I goes and visits a mega famouses building which is called Neuschwanstein Castle, which I originallies thinked was a funnies name for a castle.

I discovereds today that the castle was builded by King Ludwig the seconder, who many peoples knows today as "Mad King Ludwig". I thinks that they calls him mad as he had an obsessionism with swans as you can finds them everywheres in the decorations of the Bavarian castle.

I askeds some of the peoples who works there if I could gets my photo taken while sittings on the specials throne, but they all just kept sayings that no cameras was alloweds inside.

When I finds my way outsides I could sees so fars into the distances that I decideds the reason for no photographers insides was so you hads still space for many photographers outside laters, if you knows what I means.

The castles itself was likes something that you finds in fairytailers, with the surroundings landscapers filled with lakes and mountains.

Uglyworld #946 - Cheesecakers

As you hopefully already knows, when you has to walks up and downs lots of hills and stairs you begins to gets tired and hungries, well todays was no exceptionals.

Thankfullies I was ables to finds a massives chunk of cheesecakers which not only replaceds my losts energies, but also tasteds awesome!

Uglyworld #945 - It Wasn'ts Me

When we arriveds at Neuschwanstein Castle this mornings there was queues of Japanese tourists almosts as long as I could reaches my arms, so it takes us so longs to gets to the fronts gate.

One of the touristers then thought they knowed who I was, but to saves us havings a drama of a massives scale with millions of cameras involveds I simply replieds, "it wasn'ts me".

It seemeds to works too, they then wents and found somethings else to makes photos of.

Uglyworld #944 - Konigsee (Project BIG - 22-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 22/365

Hi everyones, today I gets to visits so many cools places that I could have writeds so much stuffs that it would have neededs to goes into abouts fourteen volumes of books, so to makes it more simples I decideds to just picks my favourites photo from todays travellings and tells you alls about it.

As you can see I is hangings onto a fence with some waters on the other side. The waters you can see is calleds Konigsee and when you makes it intos English is means kings lake. I was unables to locate the king for a smalls interview, but I did leaves him a voicemails saying that I really likes his lake.

You can takes boat trippers on the lakes, go for hikes all around the Nationals Park it is belongings too and even tries out skiing, so much stuffs to choose from so I already asks Baz if we can goes back agains some time.

Tomorrows I plans to visits some other cools stuff in Bavaria, so keeps your eyes outs...!!!

Uglyworld #943 - Turtle at Konigsee

Turtle was astonished at just how clear the water was at Konigsee, I think he may have to put together a few pages of his favourite pics from Bavaria...!!!

Uglyworld #942 - Exploring Hintensee

Babo and Turtle had a great time wandering around exploring the area around Hintensee.

Uglyworld #941 - Turtle Visits The Church On Wendelstein Mountain

Having itchy feet is something that Turtle doesn't like, so when he was asked by Babo if he wanted to come with him on his travels this weekend he jumped at the opportunity.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Uglyworld #940 - Churches On Tops Of A Mountain

I thoughts I had seens it all until I findeds a cools old church sittings right on the edges of a cliff up tops of Wendelstein Mountain, mentals...!!!

Uglyworld #939 - I Couldn't Believes My Eyes

I couldn't believes my eyes when Baz says to looks out of the windows to sees how we woulds be gettings up Wendelsteins Mountain, in a stranges thing which was on cables, I still thinks we was crazies.

I will hopefullies share some other funs later!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Uglyworld #938 - Biker Racks (Project BIG - 21-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 21/365

Todays while Baz was aways at works I wents for a little walks around the cities of Landshut and I findeds some awesomes biker racks.

As you hopefully already knows biker racks is mades to gives people a nice safes place to stores their bikes when they is not usings them.

The things I likes the mosts abouts the ones I finded today was thats they makes the racks themselves looks like bikers too, who cools is that...?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Uglyworld #937 - Super Fast Slide (Project BIG - 20-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 20/365

When I first comes to Earths some years ago I discovereds somethings calleds a slidey, which is normallies for littles kiddies, so isn't so fasts.

Todays as there was lots of snows around I thoughts that I would tries a littles experiments and go slidings down the slidey while it was all covereds in snow.

Wowzers, I couldn't quite believes how fasts I went slidings down the slidey, so fasts that the snows all went flyings in the air and I gets covereds in it, but it was so cools that I is going to jumps on again for another goes!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Uglyworld #936 - Rainscoat (Project BIG - 19-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 19/365

You may be wonderings just why is wearings a rainscoat, infacts not just any rainscoat, but Cinko's rainscoat, well let me tells you a story from last weekends to explains it alls.

As I was discussings with Baz about what we could possibly goes and sees in the middles weekend of our two weeker stay in Bavaria Mireille tells me that the forecasters is for rains at the starts of the week and then as the weathers turns colders that snow will comes too. At firsts I was beginnings to think that she was just trying to makes me pack warms stuff for funs, but then I decides to be safe and not sorries.

I asked Cinko if I coulds borrow his awesomes rainjacket, which offers the ultimates protection from wets, rainy weathers, and from what Cinko tells me alsos from snow showerers too!

Today the temperatures already drops arounds ten degrees from how nices it was on Monday when I arrives in Munich airporters to almosts freezings point and when I was walkings back to the hotels from dinners with Baz and his worky friends the small droppers of rain was already lookings very much likes snow.

So glads that I askeds Cinko for a loans of his jackets now, as if we gets to climbs mountains at the weekender then I will definitelies need it!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Uglyworld #935 - Chess Grandmaster (Project BIG - 18-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 18/365

Tonight I officiallies gets crowned as the grandschampion of a game which is calleds Chess. The game is playeds on a board which is the sames design as the kinds that is used for playing draughters on too, but insteads of little discers you gets to plays with cools pieces which has shapes of castles and horses and they is all looked afters by a king and queen, how cools is that, a royals family to plays with!

When I counteds up the numbers of squares on the board I finds that there is sixty fours in totals, which is splits up into thirty twos white and thirty twos black in what is knowns as a "checkerboards configurations".

Each of the differents pieces or characters can moves in a specifics way, likes in a straights line, in diagonals lines or in L-shaped movements. You wins the game by makings the other players king be stuck and not ables to move which is knowns as "Checkmates".

The game is thinked about as having originally been evolved in arounds the 6th century on Earths, which means around the years 600, which is a reallies long times ago now as you can tells! Back in those times it was borns in India durings the Gupta empires and was calleds Caturanga, when I first heared this I thinked of a mixture of a cat and an urangatang, ha ha, funnies thought!

The game finallies made it into Europe arounds the twelves century, and a couples more hundred years later it looks almosts the same as we knows it today.

Incase you wonders how I can alreadies be grandsmaster, well I had to beats everyones else in the hotel we stays in, which basicallies is Baz and two of his work peoples from Englands, they was all very bads and I wins easilies, woohoo!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Uglyworld #934 - Measuring Tape (Project BIG - 17-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 17/365

What I has in my hands is a very imporants device, as it allows me to measures stuff to the smallests possible uniters, whethers in inchers or in millimeters.

At the moments Mireille and Baz is lookings for some new furnitures and Mireille kepts getting stresseds abouts the sizes of stuffs, so I went and finded this tapes measures which means once I fully understanders how to uses it that I can measures everythings perfectlies, simples!

I decideds to takes the tapes with me to Landshut where I is with Baz for the nexts two weeks as then I can measures stuff all the times to gets more practices in.

Baz tells me that we maybies go to see some mountainers and big lakes at the weekends as we stays down heres in Bavaria for the weekender, I wonders if my measurings tapes will be bigs enough to measures them too?

Uglyworld #933 - Cork (Project BIG - 16-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 16/365

Tonights I gets to learn somethings new evens for me, as it was the firsts time that Baz was visitings the parenters from Mireille they hads some bottles of what they calleds "Bubblies", and this thing that you can sees me holdings was keepings it all insides of the bottles.

I has been tolds that it is calleds a "Cork" and that they is mades a littles bit biggers than the tops of the bottles and then they is squeezed insides to helps keeps the liquids and especiallies the fizzies inside.

I thinks it was so amazings that I asked to do a pops of one of thems too, was scaries when it flies outs but everyone then laughs and was all goods again.

I also was tolds by Baz that is goods luck to takes a silvers coin and sticks in the cork too, and then keeps it safes!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Uglyworld #932 - January Sales (Project BIG - 15-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 15/365

Todays Ice-Bat tells me that he hears that there is still some Januaries sales goings on and thats some of the bestest deals is still to be hads.

If you isn't sures what I is talkings about then Januaries sales is when the shop peoples has lots of goodies lefts over from their stocks befores christmas and then as they needs to makes rooms for new stuffers they sells off the older stuffers cheapers.

As you can imagines Ice-Bat was as highs as a kite when we were walkings around lookings at all the amazing deals, but we both couldn't believes our eyes when we finded a reindeer on sales.

He telled us both that his name wass Rudolfs and that he is very well house trainered, and that he wanted to finds a nice family to lives with until he is neededs for his winters job at the ends of the year.

How coulds we pass ups the chance to has a reindeer living with us, I just hopes that Baz and Mireille approves when they gets home!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Uglyworld #931 - Ultimates Caffeine Kick (Project BIG - 14-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 14/365

After a long days travels backs to Aachen from Landshut I neededs to tries and wakes up for alls of the other guys who always wants to hears abouts my travels.

As I was so tireds I hads to thinks of somethings, and toots sweets! As most of yous probably already knows when you drinks alcoholics through a straws it is supposeds to makes you drunks quicker, so I decideds to tries out the same theories with a nice hot cups of coffee.

I tries my theory some hours ago nows, and I is still wides awake so it would appears that this is an awesomes way to gets a massives caffeines kick if you needs one.

Mireille keeps saying I looks "spaced" as my eyes is so wides open!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Uglyworld #930 - Birthdays (Project BIG - 13-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 13/365

Todays is a specials day for alls of us Uglies which lives in Aachen, as is the day when Baz was borns many, many, many revolutions of the Earth befores.

His mama tells me one times before that he was officially borned arounds 2.15am in Scotlands, funnies thing is he acts more likes he is onlies an age betweens 2 and 15 year olds instead of his real ages which is quites some more (but he will go mads if I tells you all, he he he).

I discovers many things abouts birthdays since I first visits Earth, likes the fact that you can sees me standings here in my Birthdays suit, which means that I is nakeds. On Earths, Also one of the coolests thing abouts birthdays is the facts that other peoples gives you presents, normallies really cool stuffs you likes.

One times we decideds to tries out a theories Ox hads which basically meants that we could tells Baz and Mireille that we all has birthdays one day afters each other for a wholes year, unfortunatlies we runs out of us to has the birthdays after almosts 3 months of goodies.

As you can see I finded one of Baz's favourites sweeties for my presents, Maltesers which he just can't gets enough of, I likes them too so I hopes he will shares them with me too!

Uglyworld #929 - Sleepies (Project BIG - 12-365)

Uglyworld #929 - Sleepies (Project BIG - 12-365), originally uploaded by

Project B.I.G. - Image 12/365

I knows that I doesn'ts have to explains sleepies too much to mosts of you as you likes to sleeps in for long times likes me you has nothings much to do.

As Baz is workings all week when we is away I can just lies in beds until he's almosts ready to comes home for dinners and stuffs. Today I doesn't gets out of beds until nearlies dinner time, I just lies arounds in the hotels room and watches teevee's.

Obviouslies is obvious why we musts has sleepies, as we uses all our energies durings the day and then the sleepies time lets us rechargers for the nexts day.

I also gets to enjoys checking outs all the differents hotels we stays in when we is doing travellers, such as checkings out whethers the beds is softs or hards and how many channelers the hotel has, but I will explains more abouts this again in the futures.

So remembers to always makes sure you takes the times to get enough sleepies, as Babo says so!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Uglyworld #928 - Light Anomalys (Project BIG - 11-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 11/365

Tonights I had planneds to talks to you alls abouts some of the cools buildings that I has findeds in Landshut, but somethings that even I, Babo, cannot really explains.

I was walkings through a snows pile and then all of a suddens I was surroundeds by lots of flying colours, I wasn't sures whats to thinks of it alls, maybies there will be peoples talking of aliens tonights on the televisions, I needs to watches.

I was so afraids to moves for some minuters, and stoods perfectly stills untils they goes away, thankfully Baz was standings near enoughs to captures the light arounds me, and thankfullies I is here to be able to tells you alls abouts it!

Has you ever been visiteds by beings from other planeters (others than me and my friendlies), or is this justs a ones off, maybies we will never knows...!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Uglyworld #927 - Steps Away From The Mouse (Project BIG - 10-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 10/365

Okays, steps aways from the mouses now everyone's, for the times it takes you to reads this informations you must nots use you mouse.

Most people's gets so useds to havings their mouses around that they sometimes forgets how easy it makes their lives when surfings all overs the interwebs.

I hope you has now found that you can also scrolls downs and ups using the arrows keys on your keyboarder, if nots then I thinks you is maybies beyonds helps.

I has my very owns special mouse for when I travels with Baz, I pickeds it out during my stays in Americas last year, I thinks the red colours brings out the colours in my eyes, what you thinks?

I does some checkings into how olds the mouse is, and finds that one of the earliest versions was like what we todays knows as a "Tracksball" and was inventeds for use in the Canadian Navy 58 years ago in 1952's. More likes the kinds of mouse which we knows today was inventeds at Stanfords Researchers Institutes 11 years later in 1963 by a famous mans called Douglas Engelbert.

Did you also knows that the reasons for a mouse being originallies being calleds a mouse was that it had a cables attached which helped makes it looks like a tail.

My mouse is less likes a mouse I supposes as it has no tail attacheds, as it runs with wirelesses protocol insteads, another greats invention that I may explains sometimes this year.

Okays, for all of you who doesn't uses your mouse while readings this informations, you can now go backs to usings it again as long as you has learned somethings new today!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Uglyworld #926 - Hazelnutters (Project BIG - 9-365)

Project 365 - Image 9/365

We visits the parenters from Mireille this evenings and after dinners I was thinkings about what I can talks about today and then I finds some hazelnutters in the kitchens and I thinks perfects!

Hazelnutters is calleds like this as they is nutters which comes from hazels which groes on trees. The nutters is reallies two parts, there is the outers shell and then the cob nutter or filbert nutter can be found insides.

The country of Turkeys makes the mosts hazelnuts in the world, arounds 75% of the totals, so if you wants to finds plenties of Hazelnutters then this is where you should travels to.

Lots of differents bars of chocolate uses Hazelnutters in them likes my favourites "Whole Nut" from the Uniteds Kingdoms, "Milka" from Germanies and even the favouritest foods from Wedgehead "Nutella" uses thems too.

Hazelnutters is riches in proteins and unsaturatable fatters, and also contains lots of other goods vitaminers. They is normallies harvesteds in the middles of Autumn, which is when alls of the leaves begins to falls from the trees too, so I guess this makes senses too.

Many Hazelnutter experters says that you gets the bestest tasters when you lets the nuts falls from the trees on their owns, and doesn't shakes them downs.
I wonders if it would be possibles to have the different foods makers puts informations on their packagings saying if they has been shaked or falls?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Uglyworld #925 - Uglydoll Bottlecaps Packaging

Even the packaging for the bottlecaps is cool in it's own way, and yes these were limited editions and only available in Japan.

Uglyworld #924 - Uglydoll Bottlecaps

I was quite amazed to find a set of the Uglydoll bottlecaps up for grabs just before xmas, I just couldn't say no to giving the little guys a new home!

Only the elusive Ice-Bat is missing to make the set complete.

Uglyworld #923 - Ice (Project BIG - 8-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 8/365

Todays it seemeds only fittings that I should tells you alls abouts ice, as at the moments here in Aachens we has hads some dramatics changes in the weathers which means that almosts alls of the snows has gone alreadies, buts Cinko finds out this afternoons thats the swimmings pool is stills frozen solids.

Ice can be explaineds easilies or hards, so fors now I will explains it in the easiers way and maybies explains the sciences version sometimes in the futures when everyone is more awakes. Basicallies ice is formeds when you makes waters go belows what is known as it's freezings point which is zero degrees in centegraders scales or thirty two degrees in the fahrenheiters scales. That is the very simples version as there is reallies around 17 differents phases of ice depending on the characteristics is has at a specifics time, but they is all still a forms of ice.

Ice can be much funs as peoples who doesn't likes waters so much may actuallies like ice, such as Cinko who is afraids of waters but loves to slides around on ice all days long. He keeps tellings us all that he has the perfects balancing for standing and moving arounds on ice, but as you can see for yourselves he ends up on his back as much as the rests of us.

Anyhows, backs to my explanation, when ice starts to freezes it can alsos have a massives expansion in size, which is why you always hears of peoples having pipers breaking in their houses when the ice is too bigs to stays in the pipes, I used to thinks this meants that they had breaks-dancing pipers visitings but then I finds out what it reallies means.

One of my favourites types of ice is snowflakers, which is mades up of ice crystals which has fallens through the atmospheres of Earth (makings it an even coolers place to visits). They begins as snow crystals which originates when tiny, eenie weenie (baz tells me this means very smalls) supercoolsed cloud droplets becomes frozen. Dependings on the temperatures and humidities that the snowflaker is opens to during it's falls to the ground it will makes a differents shape. I bet you didn't knows that snowflakers is almosts all uniques, as there is so many different structures that they can has, I likes to studies them on my hand until they melts away.

I hopes you likes ice and snowflakers too!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Uglyworld #922 - Doughuters (Project BIG - 7-365)

Project B.I.G: - Image 7/365

Todays I wants to tells you alls abouts one of my favourites cakes, which is called doughnuters, or as is spelleds in Americas Donuters.

I was firsts interesteds in findings out why a doughnuter has a hole in the middles of it, and when a locals baker tells me that it was to helps it cooks fullies I understanded the reasons perfectlies. He also explaineds to me thats why you can also finds doughnuter holes for eatings too, as then they can makes full uses of the originals shape.

You can see that I finds some normal chocolaters and white chocolaters versions to helps explains abouts doughnuters today.

Anothers kind that is populars all overs the world is jammy doughnuters, and they is likes a fillsed doughnuter with tasty stuffers like strawberries jam.

Here in Germanies you can alsos have anothers version of doughuters calleds Berliners, they is likes jammy doughnuters but has marmaladers insides them insteads of jams.

Histories firsts shows referencers to doughnuters in a stories which was writed in 1808 and talks of fire-cakers and doughnuters.

I reallies doesn't knows how peoples could lives withouts doughnuters before, it musts have beens very difficults.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Uglyworld #921 - Erdinger (Project BIG - 6-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 6/365

Hi's everyones, tonights I decideds afters falling on my bum many times afters dinner on blacks ice which is everywheres outside that I neededs some kinds of pain killers to helps make me forgets about my acrobaticsness.

The receptionist of the hotels suggesteds to me that I shoulds try the locals beer called Weiss Bier, which she tells me is Germanies ways of saying Wheats Beer, which I understands a littles more. I really needs to learns more Germanies soons!

The beers they gives me was called Erdingers, and from whats I finds out that where the factories is they says that it is meants to be knowns as the biggerest wheat beers breweries in the whole worlds. Afters I hears lasts night abouts the church beings the tallests stone steeples and then the biggests breweries I thinks they just makes stuffs bigger heres to makes tourists come and visits, reallies!

Erdingers was firsts mades in 1886 (which is quites some times ago) in a cities which is calleds Erding which as you can probablies tell is why the names of the beers is whats it is, makes senses really I suppose.

You can has many differents kinds of Weiss biers too, there is the normals version which is normally just calleds Hefe, or the darkers strongers version which is calleds Dunkel, or a filtereds version called Kristallklar, which I thinks is funny as it mean crystal clear but is spelleds funny, ha ha. There is some others version (I believes nines in totals), but these ones I mentions above is the main ones you can finds withouts having to looks too hards.

It tastes so goods that I may has anothers one after this before I goes to sleepies.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Uglyworld #920 - Safes (Project BIG - 5-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 5/365

Every times I goes with Baz to visits differents places we has differents things we wants in hotels, Baz wants to has nice breakfasts and beers nearbyes, but I wants to be nears cookie shops, and mores importantlies the hotels room needs to has a safe for me to makes sure my cookies is safe insides.

I firsts sees safes when watchings funny cartoons on televisions, when I sees a huge safe fallings on one of the characters in the cartoons, was really funnies and it makes me wonder whats it was backs then.

I finds out that safes has been arounds for so longs and more importantlies that you can has safes for almosts any things you needs it for. I even finds out that you can gets safes that can withstands high temperatures, explosives and stuffs.

So as you can imagines when I wants to keeps my cookies safes and sounds I always makes sure we has a goods safe that can withstands being droppeds, blown ups, heated ups and other mad stuffs.

So fars so goods, so remembers if you wants to keeps your cookies safes, you needs a safe too!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Uglyworld #919 - Landshut (Project BIG - 4-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 4/365

I bets you will never guesses where I is tonights if I don't tells you. You alreadies knows that I arrives backs in Aachen last nights, but tonights I can officially tells you that I has arriveds safe in anothers city in Germanies, called Landshut which is in the Bavarias region of Germanies.

Todays I flies from Dusseldorfs to Munichs airports in a planes with Baz, he comes here to works for some days befores we goes backs to Aachens for the weekends again.

I wanteds to gets my photo takens with some kinds of views of the city, so I finded a cools spot where I can gets my pictures taken in fronts of a cools bridge that I dont's find outs what is calleds, but behinds this is the cities theatre, which is calleds "Stadttheater" in Germans.

I believes that there is a castles somewheres in the city and alsos some other cools places to visits likes the "Ländtor" which is likes a cools old bigs gate, and anothers places calleds "Cathedrals of St Martins" which is officialies the tallest towers made of bricks in the wholes of the worlds.

I has been ups and awakes since 5am's so I needs to gets to my beds now for some sleepies, hopefullies I will have mores to shares with you tomorrows.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Uglyworld #918 - Ferries (Project BIG - 3-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 3/365

Hi everyones, Babo heres again with the latests installsment of my informatives guides.

Early this mornings I was ups and awakes (you can sees that I was still wearings my Scotlands t-shirt as it was colds outside) so that we could drives to Dover which is a place in Englands, rights down on the Souths coast which means you can almost sees France if you looks hard enoughs.

I was goings to tell you alls about the awesomes whites cliffs that you can finds in Dover, but as it was so earlies they didn't looks good enoughs to makes a photo of me with them, so insteads I has decideds to explains ferries.

The firsts time I says the words "Ferries" in fronts of Jeero he gots all exciteds, as he had notions that I was saying "Fairies" insteads, but eventually when he realiseds that we was waitings on a bigs boat and nots magicals flying creatures he gots the message.

The firsts ever ferry was actuallies in Scotland, where I travels down to Dovers from yesterdays, and was used on the Forths and Clydes canal, you may remembers some of us uglies visitings the Falkirks Wheel lasts year, this is what links both of these canals togethers.

You can gets lots of differents types of ferries arounds the world, but the ones I uses today is known as a "RORO", which means rolls on - rolls off, as this is whats the cars can does without any problems. Of courses it goes without sayings that alls the peoples from the cars can sits in comforts upstairs when you is sailings over the waters from one place to anothers.

As we sails from Dovers using a company calleds P&O's, we was crossings over to another place calleds Calais which is on the Norths edge of France, with the bits of water we crosses being called the "Straights of Dovers". The totals distance we had to travels was onlies around 21 miles which is arounds 34 kilometres in metrics counting. Wage often asks me if we can takes the tunnels which runs from the UK to France, but I much prefers to be on tops of the waters than underneaths it, and even mores so when Cinko is with us too as he no likies water very much.

I learns today that the two ends of the ferries is calleds bows and sterns, both of which can opens to lets cars in and outs. As wells as cars there was many big lorries and truckers onboards too, Barry tells me that this is how many business is dones betweens the UK and the rests of europe.

Once we gets to Calais we then has a 4 hour drives throughs Frances, Belgiums, Hollands and then finallies into Germanies where we soon gets homes to Aachen.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Uglyworld #917 - Irn-Bru (Project BIG - 2-365)

Project B.I.G: - Image 2/365

As this is my lasts day in Scotland it seems only rights to me that I shoulds tells you alls abouts the Scottish drink that Mireille likes to drinks and Barry is addicteds to, calleds Irn-Bru.

Irn-Bru was firsts made 110 years ago in a place in Scotlands called Falkirk and at that times was called "Strachans Brew", but 45 years laters they were tolds that as it wasn't breweds that they couldn't use this in it's name, so the sneakies chairman spells it differently and everyone was happies again.

It is rumoureds that the name also comes from supplyings the workers who was rebuildings Glasgows Central Station at the starts of the 19th centuries, as they was drinkings beer insteads then to cools down in the steels (and irons) works.

In Scotlands it is easilies the mosts popular drink, with Coca-Cola seconds, and is so populars infacts that it is the thirds populars in alls of the UK after Coca-Cola and Pepsis. If you wants to sees some cools adverts that they makes for televisions and internets you can visits the irn-bru website which I does oftens from Germany to sees what all is news.

I trieds to finds out what the specials ingredients in it was, but I gets told by peoples who works there that they can't tells me or it wouldn'ts be a secrets anymore, which I supposes is trues. They tells me that only the olds chairman Robert Barr who retireds in 2009, his daughters Julie and one other secret persons knows the full recipes, and that only Robert gets to mixes the essences of the drinks in a sealeds room.

If I hads to tries explains what it tastes of I would says that there is a kind of Citrus flavours, and others than that it doesn't tastes like anythings else I has ever hads on Earths yet. You needs to tries it at leasts once, and when you does I suggests to makes it nice and colds as it tastes betters then!

Time for me to packs my travels bag and drives down to the bottoms of England now for the ferries trip to France tomorrows on our ways homes to Aachen.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Uglyworld #916 - What Makes Ups A Scottish Brekkie?

After Cinko heard Babo explaining all about the traditions of Hogmanay here in Scotland in the early hours of the morning he came to the conclusion that it's some kind of new game that they should all be playing together, explaining everything they do.

As we're in Glasgow a fried breakfast was in order this morning to soak up the left over alcohol, so Cinko started explaining some of the contents that can be found in a traditional Scottish brekkie.

When Babo heard Cinko nattering away about "Tatties Scones, Squares Sausages & Frieds Eggs" he came in to see what was going on.

"No Cinko, you dont's understands, I has to explains one things a day to everyones for the wholes year, now I cant's explains breakfasts tomorrow mornings before we leaves to drives South through Englands!".

Cinko just winked to Mireille and me and giggled a little as Babo wandered off to work out what he could explain tomorrow instead of his original plan.