Sunday, 2 January 2011

Uglyworld #917 - Irn-Bru (Project BIG - 2-365)

Project B.I.G: - Image 2/365

As this is my lasts day in Scotland it seems only rights to me that I shoulds tells you alls abouts the Scottish drink that Mireille likes to drinks and Barry is addicteds to, calleds Irn-Bru.

Irn-Bru was firsts made 110 years ago in a place in Scotlands called Falkirk and at that times was called "Strachans Brew", but 45 years laters they were tolds that as it wasn't breweds that they couldn't use this in it's name, so the sneakies chairman spells it differently and everyone was happies again.

It is rumoureds that the name also comes from supplyings the workers who was rebuildings Glasgows Central Station at the starts of the 19th centuries, as they was drinkings beer insteads then to cools down in the steels (and irons) works.

In Scotlands it is easilies the mosts popular drink, with Coca-Cola seconds, and is so populars infacts that it is the thirds populars in alls of the UK after Coca-Cola and Pepsis. If you wants to sees some cools adverts that they makes for televisions and internets you can visits the irn-bru website which I does oftens from Germany to sees what all is news.

I trieds to finds out what the specials ingredients in it was, but I gets told by peoples who works there that they can't tells me or it wouldn'ts be a secrets anymore, which I supposes is trues. They tells me that only the olds chairman Robert Barr who retireds in 2009, his daughters Julie and one other secret persons knows the full recipes, and that only Robert gets to mixes the essences of the drinks in a sealeds room.

If I hads to tries explains what it tastes of I would says that there is a kind of Citrus flavours, and others than that it doesn't tastes like anythings else I has ever hads on Earths yet. You needs to tries it at leasts once, and when you does I suggests to makes it nice and colds as it tastes betters then!

Time for me to packs my travels bag and drives down to the bottoms of England now for the ferries trip to France tomorrows on our ways homes to Aachen.

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