Monday, 3 January 2011

Uglyworld #918 - Ferries (Project BIG - 3-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 3/365

Hi everyones, Babo heres again with the latests installsment of my informatives guides.

Early this mornings I was ups and awakes (you can sees that I was still wearings my Scotlands t-shirt as it was colds outside) so that we could drives to Dover which is a place in Englands, rights down on the Souths coast which means you can almost sees France if you looks hard enoughs.

I was goings to tell you alls about the awesomes whites cliffs that you can finds in Dover, but as it was so earlies they didn't looks good enoughs to makes a photo of me with them, so insteads I has decideds to explains ferries.

The firsts time I says the words "Ferries" in fronts of Jeero he gots all exciteds, as he had notions that I was saying "Fairies" insteads, but eventually when he realiseds that we was waitings on a bigs boat and nots magicals flying creatures he gots the message.

The firsts ever ferry was actuallies in Scotland, where I travels down to Dovers from yesterdays, and was used on the Forths and Clydes canal, you may remembers some of us uglies visitings the Falkirks Wheel lasts year, this is what links both of these canals togethers.

You can gets lots of differents types of ferries arounds the world, but the ones I uses today is known as a "RORO", which means rolls on - rolls off, as this is whats the cars can does without any problems. Of courses it goes without sayings that alls the peoples from the cars can sits in comforts upstairs when you is sailings over the waters from one place to anothers.

As we sails from Dovers using a company calleds P&O's, we was crossings over to another place calleds Calais which is on the Norths edge of France, with the bits of water we crosses being called the "Straights of Dovers". The totals distance we had to travels was onlies around 21 miles which is arounds 34 kilometres in metrics counting. Wage often asks me if we can takes the tunnels which runs from the UK to France, but I much prefers to be on tops of the waters than underneaths it, and even mores so when Cinko is with us too as he no likies water very much.

I learns today that the two ends of the ferries is calleds bows and sterns, both of which can opens to lets cars in and outs. As wells as cars there was many big lorries and truckers onboards too, Barry tells me that this is how many business is dones betweens the UK and the rests of europe.

Once we gets to Calais we then has a 4 hour drives throughs Frances, Belgiums, Hollands and then finallies into Germanies where we soon gets homes to Aachen.

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