Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Uglyworld #919 - Landshut (Project BIG - 4-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 4/365

I bets you will never guesses where I is tonights if I don't tells you. You alreadies knows that I arrives backs in Aachen last nights, but tonights I can officially tells you that I has arriveds safe in anothers city in Germanies, called Landshut which is in the Bavarias region of Germanies.

Todays I flies from Dusseldorfs to Munichs airports in a planes with Baz, he comes here to works for some days befores we goes backs to Aachens for the weekends again.

I wanteds to gets my photo takens with some kinds of views of the city, so I finded a cools spot where I can gets my pictures taken in fronts of a cools bridge that I dont's find outs what is calleds, but behinds this is the cities theatre, which is calleds "Stadttheater" in Germans.

I believes that there is a castles somewheres in the city and alsos some other cools places to visits likes the "Ländtor" which is likes a cools old bigs gate, and anothers places calleds "Cathedrals of St Martins" which is officialies the tallest towers made of bricks in the wholes of the worlds.

I has been ups and awakes since 5am's so I needs to gets to my beds now for some sleepies, hopefullies I will have mores to shares with you tomorrows.

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