Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Uglyworld #920 - Safes (Project BIG - 5-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 5/365

Every times I goes with Baz to visits differents places we has differents things we wants in hotels, Baz wants to has nice breakfasts and beers nearbyes, but I wants to be nears cookie shops, and mores importantlies the hotels room needs to has a safe for me to makes sure my cookies is safe insides.

I firsts sees safes when watchings funny cartoons on televisions, when I sees a huge safe fallings on one of the characters in the cartoons, was really funnies and it makes me wonder whats it was backs then.

I finds out that safes has been arounds for so longs and more importantlies that you can has safes for almosts any things you needs it for. I even finds out that you can gets safes that can withstands high temperatures, explosives and stuffs.

So as you can imagines when I wants to keeps my cookies safes and sounds I always makes sure we has a goods safe that can withstands being droppeds, blown ups, heated ups and other mad stuffs.

So fars so goods, so remembers if you wants to keeps your cookies safes, you needs a safe too!

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