Thursday, 6 January 2011

Uglyworld #921 - Erdinger (Project BIG - 6-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 6/365

Hi's everyones, tonights I decideds afters falling on my bum many times afters dinner on blacks ice which is everywheres outside that I neededs some kinds of pain killers to helps make me forgets about my acrobaticsness.

The receptionist of the hotels suggesteds to me that I shoulds try the locals beer called Weiss Bier, which she tells me is Germanies ways of saying Wheats Beer, which I understands a littles more. I really needs to learns more Germanies soons!

The beers they gives me was called Erdingers, and from whats I finds out that where the factories is they says that it is meants to be knowns as the biggerest wheat beers breweries in the whole worlds. Afters I hears lasts night abouts the church beings the tallests stone steeples and then the biggests breweries I thinks they just makes stuffs bigger heres to makes tourists come and visits, reallies!

Erdingers was firsts mades in 1886 (which is quites some times ago) in a cities which is calleds Erding which as you can probablies tell is why the names of the beers is whats it is, makes senses really I suppose.

You can has many differents kinds of Weiss biers too, there is the normals version which is normally just calleds Hefe, or the darkers strongers version which is calleds Dunkel, or a filtereds version called Kristallklar, which I thinks is funny as it mean crystal clear but is spelleds funny, ha ha. There is some others version (I believes nines in totals), but these ones I mentions above is the main ones you can finds withouts having to looks too hards.

It tastes so goods that I may has anothers one after this before I goes to sleepies.

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