Friday, 7 January 2011

Uglyworld #922 - Doughuters (Project BIG - 7-365)

Project B.I.G: - Image 7/365

Todays I wants to tells you alls abouts one of my favourites cakes, which is called doughnuters, or as is spelleds in Americas Donuters.

I was firsts interesteds in findings out why a doughnuter has a hole in the middles of it, and when a locals baker tells me that it was to helps it cooks fullies I understanded the reasons perfectlies. He also explaineds to me thats why you can also finds doughnuter holes for eatings too, as then they can makes full uses of the originals shape.

You can see that I finds some normal chocolaters and white chocolaters versions to helps explains abouts doughnuters today.

Anothers kind that is populars all overs the world is jammy doughnuters, and they is likes a fillsed doughnuter with tasty stuffers like strawberries jam.

Here in Germanies you can alsos have anothers version of doughuters calleds Berliners, they is likes jammy doughnuters but has marmaladers insides them insteads of jams.

Histories firsts shows referencers to doughnuters in a stories which was writed in 1808 and talks of fire-cakers and doughnuters.

I reallies doesn't knows how peoples could lives withouts doughnuters before, it musts have beens very difficults.

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