Saturday, 8 January 2011

Uglyworld #923 - Ice (Project BIG - 8-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 8/365

Todays it seemeds only fittings that I should tells you alls abouts ice, as at the moments here in Aachens we has hads some dramatics changes in the weathers which means that almosts alls of the snows has gone alreadies, buts Cinko finds out this afternoons thats the swimmings pool is stills frozen solids.

Ice can be explaineds easilies or hards, so fors now I will explains it in the easiers way and maybies explains the sciences version sometimes in the futures when everyone is more awakes. Basicallies ice is formeds when you makes waters go belows what is known as it's freezings point which is zero degrees in centegraders scales or thirty two degrees in the fahrenheiters scales. That is the very simples version as there is reallies around 17 differents phases of ice depending on the characteristics is has at a specifics time, but they is all still a forms of ice.

Ice can be much funs as peoples who doesn't likes waters so much may actuallies like ice, such as Cinko who is afraids of waters but loves to slides around on ice all days long. He keeps tellings us all that he has the perfects balancing for standing and moving arounds on ice, but as you can see for yourselves he ends up on his back as much as the rests of us.

Anyhows, backs to my explanation, when ice starts to freezes it can alsos have a massives expansion in size, which is why you always hears of peoples having pipers breaking in their houses when the ice is too bigs to stays in the pipes, I used to thinks this meants that they had breaks-dancing pipers visitings but then I finds out what it reallies means.

One of my favourites types of ice is snowflakers, which is mades up of ice crystals which has fallens through the atmospheres of Earth (makings it an even coolers place to visits). They begins as snow crystals which originates when tiny, eenie weenie (baz tells me this means very smalls) supercoolsed cloud droplets becomes frozen. Dependings on the temperatures and humidities that the snowflaker is opens to during it's falls to the ground it will makes a differents shape. I bet you didn't knows that snowflakers is almosts all uniques, as there is so many different structures that they can has, I likes to studies them on my hand until they melts away.

I hopes you likes ice and snowflakers too!

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