Sunday, 9 January 2011

Uglyworld #926 - Hazelnutters (Project BIG - 9-365)

Project 365 - Image 9/365

We visits the parenters from Mireille this evenings and after dinners I was thinkings about what I can talks about today and then I finds some hazelnutters in the kitchens and I thinks perfects!

Hazelnutters is calleds like this as they is nutters which comes from hazels which groes on trees. The nutters is reallies two parts, there is the outers shell and then the cob nutter or filbert nutter can be found insides.

The country of Turkeys makes the mosts hazelnuts in the world, arounds 75% of the totals, so if you wants to finds plenties of Hazelnutters then this is where you should travels to.

Lots of differents bars of chocolate uses Hazelnutters in them likes my favourites "Whole Nut" from the Uniteds Kingdoms, "Milka" from Germanies and even the favouritest foods from Wedgehead "Nutella" uses thems too.

Hazelnutters is riches in proteins and unsaturatable fatters, and also contains lots of other goods vitaminers. They is normallies harvesteds in the middles of Autumn, which is when alls of the leaves begins to falls from the trees too, so I guess this makes senses too.

Many Hazelnutter experters says that you gets the bestest tasters when you lets the nuts falls from the trees on their owns, and doesn't shakes them downs.
I wonders if it would be possibles to have the different foods makers puts informations on their packagings saying if they has been shaked or falls?

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