Monday, 17 January 2011

Uglyworld #934 - Measuring Tape (Project BIG - 17-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 17/365

What I has in my hands is a very imporants device, as it allows me to measures stuff to the smallests possible uniters, whethers in inchers or in millimeters.

At the moments Mireille and Baz is lookings for some new furnitures and Mireille kepts getting stresseds abouts the sizes of stuffs, so I went and finded this tapes measures which means once I fully understanders how to uses it that I can measures everythings perfectlies, simples!

I decideds to takes the tapes with me to Landshut where I is with Baz for the nexts two weeks as then I can measures stuff all the times to gets more practices in.

Baz tells me that we maybies go to see some mountainers and big lakes at the weekends as we stays down heres in Bavaria for the weekender, I wonders if my measurings tapes will be bigs enough to measures them too?

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