Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Uglyworld #935 - Chess Grandmaster (Project BIG - 18-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 18/365

Tonight I officiallies gets crowned as the grandschampion of a game which is calleds Chess. The game is playeds on a board which is the sames design as the kinds that is used for playing draughters on too, but insteads of little discers you gets to plays with cools pieces which has shapes of castles and horses and they is all looked afters by a king and queen, how cools is that, a royals family to plays with!

When I counteds up the numbers of squares on the board I finds that there is sixty fours in totals, which is splits up into thirty twos white and thirty twos black in what is knowns as a "checkerboards configurations".

Each of the differents pieces or characters can moves in a specifics way, likes in a straights line, in diagonals lines or in L-shaped movements. You wins the game by makings the other players king be stuck and not ables to move which is knowns as "Checkmates".

The game is thinked about as having originally been evolved in arounds the 6th century on Earths, which means around the years 600, which is a reallies long times ago now as you can tells! Back in those times it was borns in India durings the Gupta empires and was calleds Caturanga, when I first heared this I thinked of a mixture of a cat and an urangatang, ha ha, funnies thought!

The game finallies made it into Europe arounds the twelves century, and a couples more hundred years later it looks almosts the same as we knows it today.

Incase you wonders how I can alreadies be grandsmaster, well I had to beats everyones else in the hotel we stays in, which basicallies is Baz and two of his work peoples from Englands, they was all very bads and I wins easilies, woohoo!

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