Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Uglyworld #936 - Rainscoat (Project BIG - 19-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 19/365

You may be wonderings just why is wearings a rainscoat, infacts not just any rainscoat, but Cinko's rainscoat, well let me tells you a story from last weekends to explains it alls.

As I was discussings with Baz about what we could possibly goes and sees in the middles weekend of our two weeker stay in Bavaria Mireille tells me that the forecasters is for rains at the starts of the week and then as the weathers turns colders that snow will comes too. At firsts I was beginnings to think that she was just trying to makes me pack warms stuff for funs, but then I decides to be safe and not sorries.

I asked Cinko if I coulds borrow his awesomes rainjacket, which offers the ultimates protection from wets, rainy weathers, and from what Cinko tells me alsos from snow showerers too!

Today the temperatures already drops arounds ten degrees from how nices it was on Monday when I arrives in Munich airporters to almosts freezings point and when I was walkings back to the hotels from dinners with Baz and his worky friends the small droppers of rain was already lookings very much likes snow.

So glads that I askeds Cinko for a loans of his jackets now, as if we gets to climbs mountains at the weekender then I will definitelies need it!

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