Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Uglyworld #944 - Konigsee (Project BIG - 22-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 22/365

Hi everyones, today I gets to visits so many cools places that I could have writeds so much stuffs that it would have neededs to goes into abouts fourteen volumes of books, so to makes it more simples I decideds to just picks my favourites photo from todays travellings and tells you alls about it.

As you can see I is hangings onto a fence with some waters on the other side. The waters you can see is calleds Konigsee and when you makes it intos English is means kings lake. I was unables to locate the king for a smalls interview, but I did leaves him a voicemails saying that I really likes his lake.

You can takes boat trippers on the lakes, go for hikes all around the Nationals Park it is belongings too and even tries out skiing, so much stuffs to choose from so I already asks Baz if we can goes back agains some time.

Tomorrows I plans to visits some other cools stuff in Bavaria, so keeps your eyes outs...!!!

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