Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Uglyworld #949 - Usbies (Project BIG - 24-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 24/365

You must be wonderings by now how I managers to puts a new photos online every days, well tonights I will helps to explains parts of the story.

When I has tooked a photo with Baz's cameras I has to then finds a way to makes the specials picture magics itself from the cameras to the computers. The magics I uses is containeds insides a cable mades of magic elves calleds "usbies" or as they preferreds to be known as, just USB.

These magics elves is masters of paintings and knows computers really wells too, so when you plugs one ends into the cameras they gets to sees the originals photo and then they makes an awesomes versions of it appears on the Pee-Cee which is connecteds to the others end.

Such nice helpfuls people the Usbies are!

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