Monday, 31 January 2011

Uglyworld #956 - München (Project BIG - 30-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 30/365

Hi everyones, afters the extremelies long day we has yesterdays drivings from Landshut in Bavaria to Prague and backs, I decideds that today we would takes it a little more easilies.

Totora had been tellings me about all kinds of cool buildings and places that can be founds in Munich, as is where he is livings since he leaves Japan long times ago, so I decideds that today I woulds go explores there as is unders an hour aways from my hotels.

The awesomes building you can sees behind me is the town halls, or Rathaus as they is calleds in Germanies, and I was perfectlies timed to arrives at noons when lots of cools music and figures goes mentals whiles the square is fulls of touristers.

The square was so busies that I was advisered by Toto to waits until they all leaves before gettings this photo takens, just incase peoples doesn't sees me and tramplers on me!

I instructers Baz on many photos to makes todays too of undergrounds stations as wells as cool places & buildings, so hopefullies he will be ables to gets them onlines soon too...

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