Monday, 31 January 2011

Uglyworld #961 - Krapfen (Project BIG - 31-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 31/365

For those of yous who has knowns me for quites a while you will alreadies know that I is quites partial to a tasties snack which is calleds a Berliner.

If you doesn't alreadies know abouts this or evens not abouts Berliners then I finds it easiest to explains them as beings a doughnut filleds with some kinds of jammies or marmaladers.

Since I has been in Bavarias now for almosts 3 weeks I has been cravings for a Berliner likes crazy, and no matters how much I searchers through menus from locals bakeries I just couldn't finders them anywheres!

Just when I was abouts to gives up all hopes of findings one, I spotteds a locals man with what I could tells straight aways was a Berliner, so I askeds him where he finded it hiding!

He pointeds to a locals bakery, so I goes along and I couldn't believes my eyes when I coulds see about seventies Berliners pileds high on tops of one anothers!

As I was abouts to orders one I realisers what my mistakes was, it appearings that they is not calleds by the sames name here in Bavarias, they is calleds Krapfen here!

Seretlies I thinks that they calls them this as they doesn't wants to talks abouts Berlin downs here as they has their own cools city too...!!!

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