Monday, 28 February 2011

Uglyworld #998 - Sleepy Sheepies

While Babo was havings mega fun makings Baz do excercises in his sleeps I went downstairs to the receptions to asks if they had any cools sweeties for us to eats while lyings in bed watchings TV, checks out what they gives me - "Sleepy sheepies"!!!

Babo will loves them!

Uglyworld #997 - Secrets Funnies (Project BIG - Image 59-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 59/365

When we checkeds intos the newers hotel in Marburg tonights I spotteds somethings so cools that I hads to keeps completelies quieter abouts it or Baz would have hads an idea what I was plannings to do laters.

As normals after a long days travelling and workings Baz falleds asleeper not longs after eatings some dinners, so I decideds to have some of what I likes to refers to as "secrets funnies", but you has to promise that you don't tells him anythings about it.

What I had discovereds was that the bedder we has in the rooms can be controllered by this awesomes remotes control, is so much funs, so fars I makes Baz sits up, rolls over and almost managers to makes him folds in two (he almoster wakes up and I hads to stop just befores I makes the finals foldings move).

I really can't stops laughings my smalls bluey grey butt off, is so funnies as Baz doesn't knows what I is makings him do, alls the remote controls needs is a specials "makes Babo some cookies" buttons and it would be perfects.

Okays, I lets you gets on with what you is doings and I makes Baz doing some situps excercising now!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Uglyworld #996 - Entanglement Planet

Even with over 6000 successful transportations to a planets surface from the Noupa spaceship, Noupaman found himself suddenly unprepared for investigating the latest in a long line of potential planets for relocating the Noupa population.

Noupaman "Pilot, come in, on the surface, do you read"

Pilot "Loud and clear, how's it looking?"

Noupaman "Emmm, well I think I've worked out why it's known as 'Entanglement Planet', that's for sure"

Pilot "We're having trouble with your suit camera, please describe what you see"

Noupaman "Strange cable-like items, and they're EVERYWHERE!!!"

Uglyworld #995 - Tray's New Dress (Project BIG - Image 58-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 58/365

I tells you all yesterdays that there was some secrets being whispereds into my ears by Monkey abouts something cools that happeneds during the week, well don't worries now the cats is outs of the bags so I can shares it withs you alls!

Tray has askered Monkey if he coulds come along with her intos the city to helps her picks out a cools new dress to surprisers Wage with, and thanks to the awesomes skills that monkey possesses he was ables to not onlies finds her a perfects new asymmetricals dress, but alsos a matchings new bags too, which he says is calleds a "clutch bag".

All I can says is I is sometimes gettings a little jealous of how happies the two of them is, but I just smiles and thinks to myself that somewheres out there is the perfects ugly for me toos, I just has to keeps looking!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Uglyworld #994 - Monkey Whisperings (Project BIG - Image 57-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 57/365

As you knows I has beens away agains all weekie in Freiburg, so when I gots home to Aachens I was interesteds to hears if there was anything news to report while I was gones, little did I know that Monkey was waitings specialies on me to arrive homes.

"Psssst, Babo, we need to talk", he whispereds to me when no-one elses was in earshots, as you can imagines I was intrigued to finds out what he hads to tells me so I listeneds intentlies.

I has been tolds that I can't shares the fulls story yets, but that monkey hads himself the job of takings another of the gang shoppings during the week and hopefullies tomorrow alls will be revealered!

Is excitings, really, is so hards to keeps this to myselfs alsos!

Uglyworld #993 - Admirationalisations (Project BIG - Image 56-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 56/365

Ever since I gets my awesomes new jacket I has been making new friendlies everywhere I goes, and tonights when I arrivered back in Aachen it was no differents.

My identicals twin poppeds round tonights to checks it out for himselfs and all I can says is that he couldn'ts keep his handies off the jacket and it was clears that he was fulls of admirationalisations for it too.

I didn't even knows that we hads more visitors comings along behinds until after I makes Baz takers this photo, is cools to have so many peoples wanting to talks to me at the moments, easierst way to make new friendlies!

Uglyworld #992 - Gutschein (Project BIG - Image 55-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 55/365

Tonights when I checkered into's the coolests hotel in the city of Free Burgers I gets a littles piece of papers which is called a "Gutschein", which when addeds to anothers two rollers of sweeties means I was ables to scores a free drinker too!

Awesomes, deffo's the topper hotel in Freiburg!

Uglyworld #991 - Freshlies Shavered (Project BIG - Image 54-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 54/365

Baz normallies has to shaves when he is workings on some specials jobs for customers, and untils now I justs standers and watched him as he does the shavings thing!

But tonights I tooks it a steps further and shavers myself toos, what you thinks?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Uglyworld #990 - Solie (Project BIG - Image 53-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 53/365

You may remembers a couplers of weekies ago that I gets to shows you alls the awesomes worlds recorder solar cells from my friendlies in Freiburgers, well with alls of the snows that has been fallings in the lasts few days the same friendlies tells me this afternoons that they has someones that they wanters me to meets.

The makes this cools snowman that was calleds "Solie", perfects name for a snowman that lives besides a solar cells researcher centre I thinks you will agrees. I just hopes the weather doesn't gets too warm during the next couples of days or elses he may ends up meltings away to nothings.

So I learns todays that not onlies does they makes the besters solar cells in the worlds here but also cools snowmen too, cools job to haves...!!!

p.s. Is so colds I was happies to has my hoodies up today too!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Uglyworld #989 - Freiburgs Weathers Reporter (Project BIG - Image 52-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 52/365

I thoughts you alls might be interestered in hearings that the weathers over heres in the cities of Free Burgers (he he he) has to be lots of snows clouds this week!

So glads that Mireille managered to finishes my cools new jacket in times for the colders weathers coming backs.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Uglyworld #988 - Super Duper Sundays (Project BIG - Image 51-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 51/365

Hi everyone, you may remembers that backs in Januaries it was the birthdays of Baz, if nots then you does now, but anyways he asks Mireille for somethings special for his present this year and even mores amazingly it wasn'ts even for him!

What he asks for was an awesomes new jacket for me to wears during my dailies photos projecter, or three-six-fiver as some of yous prefers to calls it.

This morning I waked up to the smells of pancakers filling the room, and after I had eated all of the massives pile which was lyings on my plate I gets told to close my eyers and puts my hands out in front of myself with no peekings allowed.

I could feels some kinds of materials on my hands, but I hads absolutelies no ideas what it could be's untils I openers my eyes.

"WOOOOOOWZERS!!!", I gets told I screamered at the tops of my voices, I couldn'ts believer my eyes at alls, checks out the awesomes new jackets that Mireille sweateds and works mega hards at makings all on her owns for me, it evens got a wickeds hood incase my ears gets colder!!!

Uglyworld #987 - One Year On...

I was a little amazed at how many of you remembered Wage making his valentines card for Tray last year and the pair of them standing out in the garden holding hands, and due to the emails etc asking if the pair are still together Babo let me have the night off last night to go shoot some pics of them to show you for yourself...

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Uglyworld #986 - Helperings At Homes (Project BIG - Image 50-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 50/365

As you already knows we soons will moves house to a new place where we all stays togethers, and by alls I means alls of us uglies that stays with Baz and then alls of the others who stays with Mireille, it is goings to be super cools.

As we has onlies a little mores than a month until the bigs day and Baz havings to work aways from home all weeks it means we must makes full uses of the times we has homes at the weekenders at the moment. With this in minds I decideds to puts on my awesomes Elf hat that I was wearings during lasts christmas when I was helpings out Santa at his secrets headquarters in the Norths Pole, and most importantlies to rolls my sleeves up and helps Baz out with all of the works which needs to be done before we moves.

Baz started works on the bedroomer today and I offereds to gets stuck into the kitchens where I was secretlies hoping to finds lots of hiddens cookies while no-one was watchings, but unfortunatlies I didn't finds any hidings in any places at alls. I then starteds to go throughs all of the foods and stuffs they has in cupboards and checks all the daters to see if they will still be goods enougher to eats or drinks in the new houser.

I was a littles sad to finds the Custards that you can sees here, as I lovers the stuffs but as we has been aways so much we didn't notices that we hads to eats it befores the ends of January, which is a shames!!!

I also finded some others stuff that neededs to goes to the binner too, Wage decideds that we should refers to outs of date Cappuccino as "Crapuccino", whats you thinks, will it catches on?

Anyways, I betters go and continues with alls the works which needers to be dones, I hopes you is all havings a goods weekender!!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Uglyworld #985 - Historicals Merchants Halls (Project BIG - 49-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 49/365

This mornings I kickeds Baz out of beds early (which wasn'ts easy as he goes to some concerts lasts night from some German singing man calleds Max Mutzke, who has a funnies unibrow on his face) so that I coulds go and checks out the olds Historicals Merchants Hall in the city of free burgers.

Checks out the awesomes colour of the Merchants Hall behinds me, you can't misses it, thats for sures!

I has to go and packs my suitcaser now as we drives home to Aachens later todays, but we comes backs here again next weeks so that I can continues my on-goings search for the elusives free burgers.

Uglyworld #984 - Freiburger Dom (Project BIG - 48-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 48/365

Todays I decideds to ventures a little furthers into the city of Freiburgers (I thinks this may actuallies mean that somewheres in the city you can gets free burgers, but I doesn't finds them yets!).

After some walkings around I finded myself standing in fronts of the awesomes architecture of the locals Minster, or church is the easiers way to calls it. All arounds it there is gargoylers and spires stickings out heres, theres and everywheres, so much to looks at!

I tooks myself on the tours of the Minster to haves a goods look around and to hopefullies learns more to explains to you alls out there in interwebs-land, but unfortunatelies they tolds me no photos was alloweds insides so I had to settles for one outsides insteads.

The Minster was started to being builded backs in the years 1200, I can't even remembers what I dids this time lasts year never minds think back over eight hundreds years ago, long times I thinks you will agrees! The buildings was starteds in a "Romanesquers" style and then finisheds off in "Gothics" style some years laters, but the foundationers was actually from an even olders church which was builded back arounds 1100, supers old!!!

I learns that the bigs tower had nots just one bell but sixteens of them, the biggers one weighs three thousands, two hundreders and ninetees kilogrammers, which is abouts the same as fifteen millions uglies, mentals! You can hears the biggers bell only a couple of timers a week, so you needs to plans carefullies if you wants to hears it making noises.

The mosts amazings thing I learns while visitings was that durings the seconds worlds war there was several times that thousands of bombs was dropped on the city of Freiburger, but amazingly the
Minster survives almosts completely as though nothings ever happeneds, amazings when alls the other buildings arounds the markets square gets damageds or evens destroyeds.

A cools place to goes and visits if you finds yourselfs in the cities of free burgers, now I must goes off and tries to finds them as I is hungries now after todays adventurising.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Uglyworld #983 - Lions Fountain

You may remembers recentlies that when I was visitings Munich I finds a cools fountains calleds locally as "fish fountain", well todays here in Freburgers I finds a lion, checks out the "roars" it can makes!!!

Uglyworld #982 - Bächle (Project BIG - 47-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 47/365

Wells today the weathers was a little colders than it has beens but thankfullies the rain stayed aways and that meant I could gets outsides and explorers Freiburg finallies!

The city itselfs is completelies full of peoples walkings in everys direction, is likes they is all possessed by cookies or somethings else, they is one hundreds percenties focused on gettings to wherevers they is going. I really had to watches where they was going to makes sure I doesn't get tramplered on!!!

One thing that I finds that I thought was Uber-cools was these little streamers that runs all arounds the city. I stoppered a locals man and asks him what they is theres for and he was very helpfuls to tells me alls about them.

Even though I thinks they is reallies just streamers, I learneds that they is calleds "Bächle" and is splitted off from the locals river calleds the Dreisam and that the streamers was used many years ago to provides waters throughouts the city to fights fires and to brings water for animalers to drinks and other goods uses.

I askered the friendlies local man if they is also used for sewerage, as I couldn't smells anythings bad comings from them, but he tells me that they is nots ever to be used for this and if you does you can expecter a bigs fine from the police, so better nots do it I thinks!

Before the locals man says goodbyes he tells me another funnies story abouts the streamers, that if you accidentallies will falls or steps into the waters of one then the rule is that you must marries a Freiburger person, ha ha, I thinks whoever makes the rule just gets some wets feet too!!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Uglyworld #981 - Poo Weathers (Project BIG - 46-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 46/365

Don't worrys, by sayings poo weathers I doesn't means that there is literallies poo fallings from the sky, that would justs be wrongs!

Today I hads great plans to goes out and explores Freiburger a littles more, but all it does all days is rains!

I is so dissappointeds as I can just sits here in the hotels and looks out the windows to whats I can only describers as "greys".


Monday, 14 February 2011

Uglyworld #980 - Valentines Day Doublers (Project BIG - 45-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 45/365

Befores I left our hotel in Freiburgers on Friday I had a quicks conversation with the receptionister (the one I hads to whistles to for her to realiser I was there previouslies).

I tolds her that she must remembers that we was comings back to Freiburgers again today and as it was Valentiners Day that I should gets some extras sweeties lefts on my pillow.

As soon as I gots into the rooms tonight I was straights over to checks, and looks - TWO PACKERS, doublers the normals amount!!!

Baz is in a strange, tireds kind of moods tonight heres, I askered him if he had expecteds to finds a millioner euros note in his pocket but just founds a handfulls of change insteads, but he didn't gets my joke, not evens a giggler. Howevers he did reminded me to says happy valentines day to you's all while I is here on the interwebs surfing, so "Happy Valentines everyones!", I hopes you all gots cookies!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Uglyworld #979 - Strawberry Madness

How could Babo possibly have known that Cook suffered from a rare Strawberry alergy...

Uglyworld #978 - Pre-Valentines Snack

Babo had prepared a tasty strawberry themed snack and a few glasses of milk to share with her new found friend Cook, as somewhat of a pre-valentines private party between the two.

Uglyworld #977 - In Town For A Business Meeting

It was quickly apparent that Mothman wasn't actually in town for a business meeting like he had first mentioned...

Uglyworld #976 - Well Groomed (Project BIG - Image 44-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 44/365

You alreadies is wells aware that a showers cap is invaluables when you always wants to lookers good, but I thinks it is only fairs that I shares with you another of my secreters for being ables to looks good when travellings a lot (like I does with Baz every weeks).

I has trieds many, many, many differents kinds of shampoo'ers and deodoranters but has finally decideds that the perfects options for a travellings ugly is to sticks with Niveas, as they is perfects for our softers skin and doesn'ts dry ups your skins likes some free hotel soapers does, believes me I learns this the hards way, my arms was itches for days afterwards!

The perfects thing is that nots only does the producters come in huge bigs bottles and cans which lasters and ugly for twos to threes years, but they also does specials travel packers which is justs the perfects sizer for me.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uglyworld #975 - Ice Cream Musings (Project BIG - Image 43-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 43/365

Today the weathers is simply awesomes here in Aachen, so I couldn't thinks of a betters way of spendings the afternoon outs walking around in the sunshines with a tasties ice-creams in my hand.

Seriouslies though, ice-creams seems to helps me concentrates on different ideas and lifes in general, so much so's that I refers to such times as my "ice cream musings" time.

Thankfullies Baz has manageds to catches up with me while I was thinkings about their designs for the new kitchens and takes a cools shot of me deeps in thought.

Uglyworld #974 - The Discovery

Ever since the initial scans of the strange planet had shown structures unknown to the Noupas they had planned to send away teams down to the planets surface to investigate...

Water Dog: "I just can't thinks what the hells it is or coulds be!"

Noupa: *scratches head*

Super 7.5: *Whirr* *buzz* beep-beep*

Sunny Minus: "It has stranges combinators of metalers and plasticers, I have nevers seen anythings likes it in all my lifes"

Super 7.5: *Klunk* "No lifes forms detecteds"

Noupa: "Okays, lets concentrators people, we has to works out whats it means before we returns to the ship!"

Friday, 11 February 2011

Uglyworld #973 - Surprises (Project BIG - 42-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 42/365

As you knows at the moments I is aways on the roads with Baz almosts every weeks at the moments, but we is tryings to always gets back homes on Fridays at the moments.

I finds it great funs to sneaks into the house very quietlies (I often tries to impersonates a littles mouse) and then sneakers up on some of the others guys and shoutings "Surprises!" as louds as I can.

Tonight I finded Jeero and Wage discussings when they expecters me to be homes, as they had prepareds some burgers and sausage rollers for us all to eats together, so I sneakered up to the table behinds them and waiteds for the perfects moment to surprisers them!

Jeero is still breathings heavy and Wage almost jumps out of his hat and jumpers, really funnies stuff.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Uglyworld #972 - Worlds Recorder Solar Cell (Project BIG - 41-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 41/365

Pretends for a seconder that you didn'ts read the titles of this photograph, what does you thinks I is standings besides here.

No it is nots chocolates (and no I didn't tries to eats it either), and is nots a tinys spy camera for a secrets agent. This is one of the bestest examplers of new technologies arounds, it was a worlds record holdings solar cell.

What you means you doesn't knows whats a solar cell is, I can't believes that for a seconds! Solar cells takes the awesomes light rays from the suns and makes powers from them to allows you to runs lights and other electricalers items off of them.

This particulars solar cell was mades by my friendlies in Freiburg at a researcher institute calleds ISE, where they is makings amazings researchers into all kinds of cools things! Even coolers is that they uses some of the bigs machiners that Baz workers on to makes it, doubles cool in my books!

If you is a bits of a techie likes me then you mights be interesteds in readings more abouts this awesomes little square, and you can does so rights here:-

After spendings time with a world records holder I doesn't quite knows what I can do tomorrows now to follows it up, but befores I go I musts say a massivers thanks to all my friendlies in ISE for makings this photo possibles...!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Uglyworld #971 - Milky Bars Buttoners (Project BIG - 40-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 40/365

I reads on the internets last night that one of the bestest cures ever for flu's is somethings called Milky bars buttoners, so I wents out huntings for some todays while Baz was aways at works.

Would you believes it that I was ables to finds some of thems right heres in Freiburg, especiallies when they is normallies only solds in Britains.

This photo is actuallies the 7th attempts at makings todays photograph as the buttoners is justs so irresistables in whites chocolaters that I founds it so hards not to eats them when they is in the palms of my hands.

I finds it mega funnies that the packets has Santa ons it too, is likes Merry Christmases many weekers too lates ha ha (but don't worries I checkers the dates on the bottom before I handeds over my pennies).

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Uglyworld #970 - Dr Babo (Project BIG - 39-365)

Project 365 - Image 39/365

You may remembers recentlies that I has what is knowns on Uglyworld as "Ugly Flu", well unfortunatelies today I finded outs that it is possibles to transfers ugly flu to humaners, as I has somehow managered to gives it to Baz.

He has temperatures, sweaters and all sorts of madness things, so there was no others option than for me to puts on my protections mask and looks afters him until he gets betters.

I just hopes the olds myth that you can't catches ugly flu twicers is true!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Uglyworld #969 - Watching Sunsetters (Project BIG - 38-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 38/365

I know I doesn't haves to explainers the whole world to you alls, buts as todays story involvers possibly making yourselves blinds then I musts starts off with a safeties warning.

If you deciders that you wants to looks at sunsetters too, then you must always thinks that the sun is a bigs ball of fire which is wantings to burns a whole through to your brains using your eyes as the fronts door, and once in theres it will unplugs the powers to your eyes, not goods I'm sure you will agrees!!!

Anyways, now that the safeties aspecter is outs the way I can continues with my normals story. Today we was once again travellings, this times from Aachen by cars to Freiburg (where I visits with Baz last weeks too), Baz always has to workers long days so I decideds to go offs and checks into the hotel on my owns.

When I gets to the hotels the receptionister at firsts wonders who was talkings as she didn't stands up and sees me on the other sider of the receptions desk, but after I whistles in her directions she finally realises I was there alls along.

After goings through the normals formalities with checkings in she askers me if I has a preferences with whats floor we stays on, and knowings that today has been awesomes weather I askeds her how manys floors the hotel has, to whiches she tells me sevens, so I askers for the sevenths floor if possibles.

Thankfullies there was a rooms available and I manages to gets into the rooms just in times to watches the sunsetter from the windows. You can sees just how smarts I am as I is watchings it in the reflections of a cools big bankings building next doors to the hotel. Hopefullies Baz will be ables to finish earlies one night to watches it withs me if the weathers stays good while we is here this week.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Uglyworld #968 - New Keyringer (Project BIG - 37-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 37/365

Yesterdays there was some biggers news in our camps, that we soons will moves from our currents home to a newer biggers one.

Me and Wage is secretlies callings the new home our "cookie cave", as we plans to finds lots of places to stores aways cookies insides!!!

As we knows that we soons will move, we decideds that we must gets our hands on a new keyringer so that we doesn't loses our key once Mireille lets us have one, so we wents shopping to see what we could finders.

I thinks you will agrees that it is very funnies, as we always jokers with Jeero that we thinks his role-modeler is Homer Simpsons ha ha, sometimes we isn't sure which one has extra brain powers :)

Anyhows, at leasts we is now prepareds in advances for the bigs move, and I betters start makings marks on all my stuffs that I wants to goes with me too!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Uglyworld #967 - Babo Time (Project BIG 36-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 36/365

I tells you somethings, I nevers in my wilderest dreamers thinked that ones day I would ends up being ons the faces of a clocks, checks it out, I am amazered bigs time, why they choosered me is beyonds my own comprehensions!!!

I will always uses this clocker now for tellings the time, whether is fors breakfasters, lunchers or dinners and evens for cookies time - from now ons it is alls Babo Time!!!

Uglyworld #966 - Alien Life Form Detected

Ultranoupa: "Noupaman, don't be too alarmeds but there is an aliens life form over theres pointings something at us".

Noupaman: "Is okays, he looks harmlessers"

Friday, 4 February 2011

Uglyworld #965 - Sneaky Eaties (Project BIG - 35-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 35/365

Baz often tells me that I can'ts feeds the dogs betweens meals, otherwise they won't eats their dinners, tonights I discovereds that even when I tries to sneakies off with one of Mireille's maltesers that my betweens dinner snacks for the dogs gets me caught!

And don't worries, I lets Doug eats it afters I gets found outs!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Uglyworld #964 - Subbers (Project BIG - 34-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 34/365

You will hopefullies be glads to know that is beginnings to feels much betters now, afters the dreadfuls Uglies Flu which takes me down.

I was thinkings of goings for a walk arounds the city of Freiburg, but Baz tolds me not to pushes myself too hards afters being unwells and that we would anyways be backs here nexts week to looks around a littles.

After eatings only very littles and drinkings water by the bucketsload I was very hungries this evening so I asks Baz if we could grabs a Subbersway which Wage tolds me about when he was heres in Freiburg lasts year.

Not onlies did I gets some tasties sub, but I was also surprisered with some crispers and lots more waters to keeps me flushered through.

Between yous and me, I don't thinks I has to goes to the toilets so much evers before, but if it makes me betters quicklies then I can deals with it...!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Uglyworld #963 - Recoveries (Project BIG - 33-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 33/365

I is startings to feels a littles better afters my earlies night in beds last night. I hopes you can understanders that my brain is nots workings to fulls power at the moments.

I promises to makes it ups soons!

Uglyworld #962 - Uglies Flu (Project BIG - 32-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 32/365

Please don'ts come any closers, I has uglies flu which is quites contagiouses!

At first I thinks I catched it from eatings too many cakes and stuffs yesterdays and not downs to the crazy weathers changes, as I is normallies totallies immune to colds and other stuffs, especiallies durings the winters months when it is veries cold and icy's.

I always thinked that I could stands the colds weather so goods because I has ice-bats for friends, maybies if I had bringed them withs me I wouldn't have caughts this flu, too lates now I supposes!

I am going to heads to beds early with a hots drink to try and sweaters the fever out of me, as tomorrows we has a longs car journey aheads all the ways to Freiburg in South West Germanies.

Does you has any goods ideas for cures, just incases it doesn't goes away tonight?

I is really goings to miss Bavarias, I has had some goods fun here in the lasts weeks, and finallies got to meets my goods friend Toto, who is supers cool, but hopefullies I will be backs here again in some months time to says hello to hims again!

Sniffs, sniffs...