Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Uglyworld #962 - Uglies Flu (Project BIG - 32-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 32/365

Please don'ts come any closers, I has uglies flu which is quites contagiouses!

At first I thinks I catched it from eatings too many cakes and stuffs yesterdays and not downs to the crazy weathers changes, as I is normallies totallies immune to colds and other stuffs, especiallies durings the winters months when it is veries cold and icy's.

I always thinked that I could stands the colds weather so goods because I has ice-bats for friends, maybies if I had bringed them withs me I wouldn't have caughts this flu, too lates now I supposes!

I am going to heads to beds early with a hots drink to try and sweaters the fever out of me, as tomorrows we has a longs car journey aheads all the ways to Freiburg in South West Germanies.

Does you has any goods ideas for cures, just incases it doesn't goes away tonight?

I is really goings to miss Bavarias, I has had some goods fun here in the lasts weeks, and finallies got to meets my goods friend Toto, who is supers cool, but hopefullies I will be backs here again in some months time to says hello to hims again!

Sniffs, sniffs...

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