Monday, 14 February 2011

Uglyworld #980 - Valentines Day Doublers (Project BIG - 45-365)

Project B.I.G. - Image 45/365

Befores I left our hotel in Freiburgers on Friday I had a quicks conversation with the receptionister (the one I hads to whistles to for her to realiser I was there previouslies).

I tolds her that she must remembers that we was comings back to Freiburgers again today and as it was Valentiners Day that I should gets some extras sweeties lefts on my pillow.

As soon as I gots into the rooms tonight I was straights over to checks, and looks - TWO PACKERS, doublers the normals amount!!!

Baz is in a strange, tireds kind of moods tonight heres, I askered him if he had expecteds to finds a millioner euros note in his pocket but just founds a handfulls of change insteads, but he didn't gets my joke, not evens a giggler. Howevers he did reminded me to says happy valentines day to you's all while I is here on the interwebs surfing, so "Happy Valentines everyones!", I hopes you all gots cookies!!!

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